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One shifter. One mate. No exceptions.

When dragon shifter, Declan Sinclair, was asked to travel to Earth to heal someone, he thought it would be an easy in—easy out affair. Boy had he been wrong. Not the healing part, but what happened during his one-hour visit: he met Chelsea McKinnon. The bad part? His body had exploded with need like he'd never experienced before, which was wrong on so many levels. Declan already had a mate. Sure she'd died in the line of battle, but everyone was aware of the golden rule: one shifter, one mate, no exceptions. So what the hell was going on?

The moment wolf shifter, Chelsea laid eyes on Declan, she knew the two of them belonged together. She was so convinced they were fated for each other that she gave up her life on Earth and moved to Tarradon. So what if Fate said they couldn’t be together. She'd find a way. Too bad the journey wasn't anything like she thought it would be. Instead it was dangerous and challenging, but oh, so hot. 

August 21
Erotic Reads Publishing
Jean Mason

Customer Reviews

Hazelstar721 ,

Chelsea and Declan have so much chemistry

I really enjoyed how this book in the series went a different way. Declan and Chelsea are both such enjoyable characters. My favorite part about reading this book or any by Vella is that I litteraly so immersed in the book and feel like I’m a part of it. I loved how the book progressed and all the surprises!

Im looking forward to seeing how it continues to progress and all the steamy hotness!

Racy Carr ,

Second Chances

Can you say WOW!!!. You know I loved the Silver Lake series but let me tell you I love this series just as much and this book has been my favorite so far.

Ever since Declan Sinclair was introduced early on, I have had a slight crush on him..LOL Okay lets just way he stoled my heart. There has always been something about him that I have found sexy. I love how caring and protective he is. In this book we get to learn a lot more about him.

Now let me tell you one of the things that I loved about his book. This is about second chances. Picture how dark it would be to think that you could never have the “one”. Declan has some pain that he is carrying around and Chelsea McKinnon is that one healing peace that will help him overcome. I just love that about his story.

I loved how much Chelsea and Declan had in common when it came to their special gifts. I found this was one of the many things that made them perfect for each other.

I loved Chelsea’s don’t give up attitude over the situation she was faced with. She did not care that Declan was out of her reach. She was determined to make the most of the time she could have with him, to take what he would give.

The author found a way to reach way down deep and touch your soul when you are reading this book. There is no way a person can not read Chelsea and Declan’s story and not be moved and touched in some way.

Chelsea will discover something that will put her life in danger and Declan will do what ever it takes to be there for her and keep her safe. I think that is the best way i could put that with out giving to much away. There are a few surprises in this story. This is a story well worth reading and so happy I got a chance to read the book.

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