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Know How to Detox and Cleanse Your Body Naturally

Are you feeling tired and sleepy all the time? Are you having trouble focusing lately? Are you experiencing a sudden weight gain? Are you looking 10 years older than your actual age?

Perhaps it's time for a detox cleanse.

Your body is like a machine that needs fuel and maintenance to stay in top-performing shape. Like the outside of a car getting it washed and keeping it polished, most people already brush their teeth, take shower, and stay well-groomed on consistent basis; however, unlike the inside of a car getting regular oil change and removing the dirt, they neglect taking care of this all-important internal working engine of their body.

Without doing so, toxic and other unhealthy substances will continue to build up over time causing all sorts of health problems. Your body already purges waste and harmful elements, but some particles still remain.
That's the important of performing a detox cleanse to assist in removing these micro-leftovers, which you can easily do at home by intaking natural ingredients to help regulate your body back to optimal function and health.

By taking the "Detox Cleanse Express," your destination includes:

- How to determine when and how often you should detox by looking for specific signs and symptoms.

- How to cleanse your body to feel better immediately fighting fatigue, pain, distraction, itch, and discomfort.

- How to detox your body with a liver cleanse, kidney cleanse, colon cleanse, lung cleanse, skin cleanse, and entire lymphatic system.

- How to formulate and make your own all-natural homemade mixture for each specific targeted cleanse.

- How to perform your on-going body cleanse by keeping track of progress and staying motivated.

- Also, personalized hands-on exercises and applications to put everything into action for a full total body cleanse.

...and much more.

It all starts from the inside-out. Your external health is reflection of your internal health. Perform your detoxification now to renew, refresh, and rejuvenate your entire body inside-out.

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April 20
KnowIt Express
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Customer Reviews

Jesse Handley ,

Lack of research makes the reader want to learn more.

Six short chapters really introduce you to everything you would need to know about how to go about performing a detox effectively. The first question addressed is: do you really need one? Secondly, which of the methods would be most effective for you? Which detox is necessary for which specific organ you are thinking about cleansing? And lastly, what are the possible side effects, homework to keep things healthy, keeping track of what you are doing? etc.

Chapter 2 even has a list of 10 questions you can answer to determine if detoxing is right for you. For example, “do you notice rashes or discolorations of your skin?,” or, “does your period of fatigue last longer than it used to?” “is there a sudden change in your libido or menstruation?” Of course, the answers are completely subjective and knowing that women are often very critical of their physical appearance, I think a lot of women will read this pamphlet and begin to wonder if detox is right for them simply because they have tried everything else and they still have the “puffy skin after waking. “ However, the science of detox is as much a mental state as well as a physical one.

The different methods of detox are discussed and, of course, every method includes LOTS of water and a different substance meant to naturally flush out everything. A health fast would accomplish wonders but here is a forceful removal of possible negative substances found inside the digestive tract. There are even specific detox methods for specific organs. I found this very interesting and it sounds a lot like some type of Asian traditional medicine. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of research presented to back up any of these methods.

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