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What would you do if you were stranded halfway around the world when it crumbled?

The world collapsed after the spread of the hyper-aggressive H5N1 Avian plague and several airborne mutations. By simply breathing the air, billions upon billions around the world died in less than a few months' time.

Soon after, technology and infrastructure disintegrated. Electricity is gone; there are no cell phones, Internet, television or much else. Humanity lies in waste, disease and ruin. Among the remaining survivors, one very rare gene in the human DNA surfaced as resistant to the onslaught.

Stuck in the remote mining town of Mudgee, Australia, Colonel Connor MacMillen survives the dark and dangerous times. Motivated by family, he intends to get home to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania--or rather, the Fayette Mountains south of Pittsburgh. He has unfinished business to attend to there.

After four impossible years traveling in a post-apocalyptic world, Connor Mac lands in San Francisco and commences the last leg of his journey across the continental United States.

DEVASTATION POINT begins Connor Mac's exploits in the fifth year of the New Dark Ages as he encounters a strange and changed America turned upside down by the "Cuckoo Flu".

Encountering new friends as well as making fierce enemies along the way, his personal journey reveals a furious and confident fight for life. But, unbeknownst to Connor Mac, his journey to get home is noticed by those still in power in America; and they’re looking for him. It seems he is decidedly different than most men left standing. While all living men are infertile, he is still able to reproduce. And, that changes everything.

DEVASTATION POINT is a literary achievement that takes a comprehensive and thoughtful look at how one man, trained by America's best, would respond to a world completely altered by the pandemic destruction. To Connor Mac, family connections are critical and returning home can be a prime motivator for one last and final mission.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 7
Paul Kirk
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Tntws6 ,

Great Read!

I loved this book! I really enjoy dystopian novels and this is a great story. I do not like romances at all, but this story has just the right amount mixed with lots of trying to survive in a crazy world. The main character, Mac, is a bit of a super hero and Amanda is a great strong female on his team. Mac creates an interesting team/family along his journey of trying to make it back home. There are so many great characters that could be in their own novels. If you like post apocalyptic stories without zombies, then read this!

KaylaBean14 ,

Wild wild ride !

Okay, so I came across this book during my "apocalypse" fix and couldn't freaking put it down! Thanks, Kirk...now I'm an addict and a follower. Imagine if the world ends and every skill that you know is tested. Oh, and there's something so much worse than plain ol' zombies.
NEWS FLASH: did you know he has a second book?!? Yeehaw, serial killers!!

Lucky721 ,

Great read!

Best ending of a post apocalyptic novel i have ever read! 5 stars and can't wait for a sequel!

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