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The Develop in Swift Explorations course is designed to help students learn key computing concepts and build a solid foundation in programming with Swift. They’ll learn about the impact of computing and apps on society, economies, and cultures while exploring iOS app development. Lessons take students through the app design process: brainstorming, planning, prototyping, and evaluating an app of their own. While they may still be developing skills to convert prototypes into full apps, designing an app helps students grow into the exciting world of app development. 

Optional units provide students an engaging way to explore advanced technology concepts and the impact of computing on their lives. An illustrated, fictional story follows a group of students in a film club and their use of technology to arrange a viewing party, order food, and post to social media. Interactive illustrations provide insight into the technology behind their activities—including topics such as how computers digitize images and how online activity can be stored and tracked.

Computers & Internet
July 9
Apple Inc. - Education
Apple Inc.

Customer Reviews

hifrankcosta ,

Great way to get started

Fantastic way to get started. The language in the book is very clear and makes programming concepts very easy to grasp. I have Harvard’s CS50 – Intro to computer science – as background, which I also recommend doing. I’m coming to swift as my third programming language (C, Python, now Swift) and I must say I really appreciate the clarity and constrained elegance built into the language.

Moving on to Fundamentals, now.

F.Camhi ,

Does not have a support channel easy to contact!

Seems like a great way to learn but I’m stuck on a problem with the Simulation.playground and there is no one who we can reach to ask questions and ask for help when something goes wrong. Example, the simulation won’t start and it gives an error. Since I’m still lighting to learn I cannot find my way around the problem.

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