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"Dexter Boomstick is just a ride. It's fun, it's violent and sometimes kinda gross"An explosion at a small-town hospital unleashes an army of paranormal creatures. The town's only hope is Dexter "Boomstick" Reynolds, a former high school baseball star and sporting goods store manager. Dexter must find his girlfriend Roxanne, battle the Soup-Can Knight and discover the mysteries of where it all began, including the origin of The Golden Slugger.Chapter 1Dexter's jeep idled in front of Roxanne's house while rain slashed through the exhaust smoke swirling above the brake lights. The pair sat together, holding hands as "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton played. Their interlocked fingers squeezing as if that moment would be their last.Dexter noticed a shadow stretched toward them from down the road. Although it was only Mr. Hecht, Roxanne's neighbor, Dexter's jaw tensed as Hecht stomped and bobbed like a vulture, his shadow under the streetlight making him appear ten feet tall. A white plastic bag swung from his hand.Dexter stiffened and wrapped his arm around Roxanne, pulling her close and kissing her mouth to distract her. Roxanne had caught Hecht staring at her through her bedroom window the summer before and suspected he'd left obscene drawings by her windowsill.The gnarled old man glanced at the jeep and grunted to himself, turning up his walkway to his house. The one surrounded by unkempt grass and weeds. A rickety screen door crashed behind him as he disappeared into his home."Well, that was nice," Roxanne cooed, caressing Dexter's leg. The warmth of her hand radiated into his thigh. "Dexter." Her eyes were big — light brown fading to emerald. "Tell me what's going on in that head of yours."Dexter exhaled in relief. He knew even the sight of Hecht could turn her stomach. But there she was—a small wonder in the blue light from the dashboard. The tops of her tan legs glistened with rain droplets. Her hazel eyes narrowed, but her lips curled in a smile."Tell me," she begged, leaning in and kissing his neck.Your crazy neighbor, was Dexter's initial thought, but Roxanne's kisses sent tingling waves of bliss from his chest to the pit of his stomach.He'd met her while working as a salesman before he was offered the manager position of Joe's Sporting Goods. She greeted him each visit with a smile so big, her top lip curled up, revealing her pink gums. A trait she hated, but he found it irresistibly cute."I feel tired," Dexter said. The long workdays at Joe's Sporting Goods were wearing him down; headaches and anxiety were becoming more frequent. "I just need a good night's sleep."Roxanne brushed the ringlets of wet hair from his forehead and pushed the locks back behind his ear. "You're always sleepy!" she said. "Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful. You'll get a good night's sleep, and then you'll feel all refreshed." She kissed him. "Text me when you get home." She kissed him several more times, then bounced toward the passenger side door.Dexter watched, mouth agape as she sashayed to the front door of her parent's home on her "grasshopper legs," as she called them. The light in the doorway barely illuminated the red door. She turned to blow him a kiss. The door closed behind her, and she was gone...

Fiction & Literature
April 20
M.P. Lombardo
Draft2Digital, LLC

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mattlom ,

Awesome Spin on Horror

This is a fast paced read. Lots of laughs and scares over an apocalyptic backdrop.