Diadem of the New Jerusalem Diadem of the New Jerusalem

Diadem of the New Jerusalem

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1 In the Diadem of The New Jerusalem it shall be clear that the grand city of the clouds willl soon be brought forth to our Lord's redeemed, after our Judgement Day has finally passed; But for now, God's quick nearing promise of the ages comes ever so swiftly, upon the real lofty breezes of His most amazing things.
2 For our Giver of Holy Rain will soon open up the windows of heaven very wide, so everyone may then easily see His end-time palatial creation, while it slowly descends upon the awesome billowy clouds of His uttermost appreciation; For Heaven is speedily coming down to our newest earth like a never ending spectacle of spectacular spectacles!
3 And without question, everyone that has followed in the ways of our Master Carpenter shall soon find eternal rest, within His endless shadow of unending peace, that was long ago built with the splintery wood from His excruciating painful cross of greatest burden.
4 For our Living Voice of Prophecy, being our Prince of Liberty, once spoke back in Revelation 3:12, while He stressed, "Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of God, which is the New Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name."
5 So everything that I'm now writing, is about the unveiled things, that are quickly expected to be plainly seen in the forthcoming infinite eighth day, and way beyond ever after.
6 And that marvellous before mentioned building, that shall stand far above all others, presently floats upon some real thick clouds of banded meteor dust, due to the absence of gravity. 7 But it will soon go without saying, that this long awaited Holy city shall always serve as a stupendous testimony, to the unconfined virtue, that our El Shaddai has always so freely given out to everyone. 8 And just as it was in the very beginning, so shall it be at the tail end! For our beloved Giver of New Wine, that once saved the very best of the grape for last, shall once again do likewise, while He speedily produces His greatest feat of all, after that old roaring black lion Satan has finally been banned evermore. 9 But the newest wine, that our Lord of Affirmations will soon bring through His Father's overflowing wine press of joy, shall then speedily be given to everyone that lives under the ringed nebula of Ursa Major. 10 And everyone will then happily toast that very last new world order, as their goblets of overflowing celebration are raised up real high, to our Father of Billions of Lights. 11 Then all of them shall quickly offer our Almighty some silent prayer of endless thanksgiving, while they joyfully clink their glasses together with some real unbounded enthusiasm. 12 But before that eighth day eventually begins, our kingly Crusader of Freedom shall then unexpectedly lift His eyes up towards the outer spaces of space, while He gently speaks forth some real powerful words of the kind of faith that can even move a whole universe or galaxy.
13 And His most mighty commands will then suddenly recreate our heavens and earth anew for the very last time; For that fact was even attested to within Revelation 20:11, which always declared the futuristic moment when our present "earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them." And so shall it be!
14 But it should also be noted, that while those above things are instantaneously happening, that all of God's living souls will then be waiting in the heavenlies for their brand new home, to be finally established upon our very last new earth by our Glorious Majesty. 15 And with very eager expectations, all of creation shall then be impatiently holding it's breath, due to its real great anticipation of finally seeing our sparkling New Jerusalem.
9 Then the souls of our Lord's redeemed shall be swiftly consumed with some very bubbly excitement, while their reborn spirits steadily cry forth the driest tears of utter joy. 16 Happiness shall then be easily seen on all of the faces of the children of our planet, while they hoot and holler like they always did when they watched the funniest reruns of their favorite cartoons. 17 Even all of the charred inanimate creation shall then be anxiously awaiting the long expected moment, when it can finally receive the handiwork of our most true God, that always taught everyone that sorrow forever looks back, as worry looks around like crazy, while faith endlessly looks up with great expectation. 18 Moreover, the Apostle Peter was also given a vision of that very last transition time: In 2 Peter 3:10 he long ago wrote that "the heavens will disappear with a roar, and the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the Earth and everything in it will be laid bare," one very last time. 19 But this forthcoming event of the greatest of events shall actually be the third cleansing, while also being one of total incineration. 20 For creation long ago witnessed the second purification of lesser fires, that came just before this current millennium of our Prince of Love came forth so painstakingly. 21 And most naturally, it also goes without any comment, that the great flood of Noah's day was our planet's very first cleansing, without soap.

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March 10

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