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The home run neither of them expected…

Pike Sherman is a legend in Lonesome Point, a hometown boy who made it to the big leagues. Literally. Professional baseball acquired one hell of a pitching arm and its latest celebrity bad boy when the gifted Pike was drafted seven years ago. Pike’s broken heart came along for the ride, too, but he kept that private, and since leaving Lonesome Point has kept his distance from his hometown. But when Pike’s little sister, Mia, begs him to be the Dude of Honor at her wedding, he can’t refuse. He takes advantage of a break in the season and returns home to find himself thrown together with the one woman he never wanted to see again.

Tulsi Hearst is on the verge of losing her Equine Therapy business, and letting down all the kids she’s come to love. After a mix-up with the grant board, she needs to concentrate on finding more funding, not dealing with Pike Sherman, the boy she sacrificed so much for, and the one person she’s ever lied to. And what a lie it is… Pike would hate her if he found out. She knows she should stay far away from the brooding man her summer love has become, but Tulsi can’t resist a slow dance with the only boy who ever made her blood rush.

After just a few days back in Lonesome Point, Pike can’t imagine life without the girl he left behind, but when Tulsi’s secret is revealed, his heart is broken all over again. The only thing worse than losing Tulsi, is losing six years with the daughter he didn’t know he had. 

November 25
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Self Taught Ninja

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Sandra Two Book Pushers ,

❤️ Pike!

I have read the all of the novels in the Lonesome Point, TX Series and have loved them but this one has become my favorite! I sensed it from the start...

Tulsi and Mia have been friends forever and for as long as Tulsi can remember she has had a crush on her best friend Mia's brother Pike. He is four years older and seemed to only treat her like a sister until he couldn't any more. When she was finally right in front telling him what she thought about him, then it finally hit him. That was the feeling he has also had all these years. Too bad they broke each other's hearts....

Seven years later and they are trying to avoid one another. Pike is in town to be with his family and to do a meet and greet for his hometown fans, he is a pitcher in the Major leagues. He doesn't come home, he stays away from it but Mia needed him. Tulsi is a single mom to a feisty little girl and has her own issues to deal with and doesn't want to add another heartbreak from the only man she ever loved.

They hate each other. They love each other. They don't know how to feel. The passion is still there but the past is hard to move on from. Nobody even knows about their secret spring fling. They never forgot how it was to be together but they also can't forget the heartbreak. Pike wants to move on, he wants to start over but Tulsi is fighting back because of a secret she is holding on to. Can they leave their past in the past? Will the secret ruin them?

Like I said it was my favorite in the series. Pike is hot and cold and that just make him even sexier. He is the perfect amount of alpha with the mix of sweetness. He knows what he wants and doesn't give up. Tulsi is pretty awesome even though I was mad at her but she is independent, feisty, and a fun mom. And Clementine, her daughter is just precious and a little rock star in my book. I laughed, I cried and wanted to slap someone so a great mix of emotions.


At that moment, she understood that Pike Sherman hated her. He hated her with a passion as hot and intense s the passion they'd shared when hey we're kids.

It was true. Pike was the only person he had ever known her, inside and out, even the parts she was sometimes fraud to admit was there, and that's why he couldn't bear to be around him.

"It's always the quiet ones, you know," she said, continuing to giggle. "We're lol wild sex perverts, with dark, forbidden desires."

@LisaHines711 ,

Review: Lonesome Point, Texas #3: Diamonds and Dust

Diamonds and Dust by Jessie Evans is the third book in her Lonesome Point, Texas series.

This story is about Pike Sherman (Mia's brother) who has been away playing professional baseball and Tulsi, Mia's best friend. I'm so totally pleased with myself when I saw this storyline coming when Pike was mentioned in the last book and Tulsi's reaction was what it was. Oh the angst...

Tulsi has been around for us since the beginning of the series. She's Mia's best friend. practically her sister they're so close. Mia was theone who helped Tulsi with Clementine when she was a baby. Late night feedings, colicy evenings filled with no sleep. Mia was there, helping. Tulsi is now struggling to keep her equine therapy business open and keep herself from falling apart when she learns that Pike, Mia's brother, will be back in town for Mia's wedding.

Pike hates coming back to Lonesome Point. Not only does he have a very hard time dealing with his father but it's home to th ewoman that ripped his heart straight out of his chest seven years ago. Tulsi was the one and only for him until the day she told him she was pregnant with another man's child.

Now that Pike's back, Tulsi is terrified he'll take one look at Clem and see who the father is. Once that happens she'll not only lose the last connection to Pike but she'll probably lose Mia too.

Another beautiful romance with some steamy romance and angsty drama. Love this series.

How had he survived for so long without her? She was the treasure he'd been hunting for, the precious thing he'd lost, and all the proof he needed to believe in miracles.~ Pike

ficcentral ,

Fun read, sweet reunion love story

Tulsi Hearst spent her adolescence crushing on Pike Sherman, one magical week living her dream, a few stolen weekends and kisses that were their little secret, and the past seven years trying to get over him. But with a living, breathing memento of their all too brief relationship, the fact that he's always going to be her best friend's brother, and the heartbreak she caused them both, seven hundred years could pass, and she'd still be wrapped up in dreams of what might have been.

But... It's "champing at the bit,” not "chomping at the bit.” For a book with a main character who breaks horses, I would have expected the idiomatic expression that's actually about horses to be correctly spelled. Do people often use "chomping at the bit?” Sure. Then again, they also use "irregardless” and "for all intensive purposes.” And this is why we can't have nice things.

The Verdict: I was super excited to finally get my hands on this one. Tulsi was such a sweet, down-to-earth character in the other books, and her kid is just awesome. I wasn't too sure about Pike, since he was little more than an overbearing but brief mention earlier in the series, but with as much as I've loved the other characters so far, I had a feeling he'd win me over, too.

Tulsi and Pike's reunion was exactly what you'd expect, given their mutual connection to Mia. It's not like Tulsi would miss her best friend's wedding, and it's not like Pike was gong to skip out on his little sister's big day, so really it was only a matter of time before they were face-to-face again. Of course, with the way Tulsi ended things between them, it's no wonder Pike was none too happy to see her. What surprised me, though, was how quickly he pushed past that and steeled himself to do whatever was necessary to get her back.

Given their ages back when they were first involved, I can pretty much overlook and even understand a bit why Tulsi bailed and did the single mom thing without ever letting Pike in on the truth. After all, her crush had been brewing for years, and as happy as she was to finally be with him, she very much felt like she was living a dream. It's no wonder that when he pulled radio silence for three weeks, she second-guessed everything. Plus, she clearly really cared about him if she was willing to sacrifice her own independence and heart for his success. Granted, it was pretty wrong of her to do that to him — not to mention her kid — but eighteen year old girls aren't usually known for their level-headed thinking.

While I was initially impressed that Pike was self-aware enough to man up and go after Tulsi, despite the fact that she had supposedly cheated on him and been raising proof of that indiscretion for the past several years, the way it played out didn't really live up to what I expected. Tulsi's lie kept Pike from guessing the truth, but when it was revealed, he didn't really react with the intense emotion one might expect. Yes, of course I wanted him to forgive her, but to rein in the what little anger he had and almost instantly forgive her ended up being a bit of a let-down after all the great build-up. Same with Mia, actually. I mean, her best friend had been lying to her for years, and not about something little or that didn't affect them all. Obviously they all cared about each other enough to get past it, but it all happened too quickly and easily. It went from angst and anxiety to happily ever after with virtually no conflict, which was just strange. Either Tulsi was a bit of a drama queen who didn't know Pike and Mia as well as she thought she did, or those two roll with the punches too easily.

Now, that's not to say I didn't like the story. It was a lot of what I'd hoped for, and it was great to put a human spin on Pike, who up until this book had been without much personality. And of course, who doesn't want another glimpse of Sugar Britches and Clementine? I just wish the complex emotions carried through 75% of the story had gotten the same kind of play there at the end instead of wrapping up so quietly and neatly.

***FicCentral received this book from for free in exchange for an honest review. Even so, we're far too opinionated to let a freebie influence our thoughts or the contents of the reviews we post here.

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