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Diary of a Dieting Madhouse—The Diet takes you on a journey of a lifetime with four formerly fat women, author Paige Singleton and her friends, Susan, Kenzy and Sharon. Join them on their journey and you will—1. Lose weight naturally and be thin for the rest of your life, without hunger and without cravings. Have you lost weight only to gain it back again? Once we lose weight with most diets, our bodies become our enemies. They use calories more efficiently and we feel hungrier than ever before. Whole vegan foods help us to maintain weight loss easily because they are high in fiber and bulk and low in calories. We feel fuller.2. Find that change is not only much easier than you expected, but the foods are delicious and a lot of fun—NO WILLPOWER NEEDED! We are told that we are fat because we have no willpower. That a tweak here and there is all we need to achieve our weight loss goals. Unfortunately, those tweaks often fail because we are powerless over food. The “just say no” approach doesn’t work for food addiction. Diary—the Diet will help you leave the madness of food addiction behind forever.3. Take an incredible journey out of the crazy world of ignorance and misinformation, even from so-called authorities, doctors and nutritionists, into healthy weight loss, sanity and freedom from fear of common diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and Alzheimer’s. “Experts” beware. Contributor Sharon favors real life success, not advice from those who have never spent a day of their lives fat.4. Learn how, why and what foods to eat with a 10-day meal planner and delicious recipes. The book is the companion diet to a contemporary romance loosely based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Rowan Faine, the novel’s overweight, sassy and sexy heroine, loses weight, gains confidence and finids love in a mad world of wacky lawyers, crazy co-workers and dysfunctional families. When a friend recommends she use Diary-the Diet to lose weight, her world changes forever!

Health, Mind & Body
September 21
Paige Singleton
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