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A fast-paced ride through the world of hedge funds revealing the unvarnished truth of how Wall Street really operates, and how to use this to your advantage
An insider's view of the high stakes world of money management, Diary of a Hedge Fund Manager is both a practical guide for investors and the deeply personal story of a man who knows the system inside and out. One of the best young portfolio managers on Wall Street, and helping to run the hedge fund operation of one of the world's most prestigious firms, Keith McCullough finds himself a lone voice of reason as the economic crisis of 2008 looms large. Shown the door, his life takes a fascinating turn into the world of independent research and no-holds-barred criticism.
Reveals the unvarnished truth of how Wall Street and hedge funds really operate Deftly details how to analyze the markets expertly and avoid group think using technical and fundamental measures Each topic is thoroughly discussed and followed up with lessons you can take away and put to use
Written with the authority of someone who knows how Wall Street and hedge funds work, yet accessible to even a casual follower of finance, Diary of a Hedge Fund Manager mixes a constructive critique of the investment industry with fundamental lessons that any investor will find valuable.

Business & Personal Finance
December 15
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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CameronOfLV ,

A Hedge Fund Manager's Personal Account

This is one of the best books in finance I have read to date. It is an in depth account of a hedge fund manager's personal road to success and all the difficulties he encounters along the way as he details his road from a young hockey star to a modern day Wall Street genius. BUY THIS BOOK!!!!!

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