Diary of a Mystic

A Spiritual Journey

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Publisher Description

If you have ever struggled with the concept of God, this book is for you.

It is a diary of Bonnie Templeton's mystical experiences that have occurred sporadically over a period of 60 years. The prose is accompanied by her illustrations and poetry. These mystical experiences have occurred in the form of dreams or visions.

Over the years the author has met her guardian angel three times and she has included a drawing of him in Chapter 2. In Chapter 3, Dr. Templeton describes three mystical experiences related to the Jewish holiday ofShavuot. This holiday celebrates Moses receiving the Ten Commandments at Mt. Sinai. One of these mystical experiences includes a dream in Hebrew when the author's knowledge of Hebrew was limited to the alphabet and a few words. In the dream the author was commanded to have a Bat Mitzvah and start living a Jewish life-style.

The author has been a messenger of God twice, once knowingly and once unknowingly. When she knew she was a messenger of God, she was afraid and it took her a long time to act on the message. The second time the author was a messenger of God, she did not know it until after the fact.

Dr. Templeton has learned to be aware of her soul through its vibrations. Living in the material world it is easy for us to cover up our soul with our needs, desires, hurts and worries. The thicker the covering, the harder it is to perceive the spark of God that is within us, so, we come to believe that it does not exist.

Diary of a Mystic will introduce you to the concept of a fifth or spiritual dimension (in addition to the dimensions of length, width, height and time). It is through this dimension that people can connect to God and everything else in the world. The author does not believe that she is unique in being able to connect with the spiritual dimension and she has included mystical experiences of other people in Chapter 11 to emphasize this point. From these examples, you can see that people sense the spiritual dimension in different ways. This book is for people of faith as well as those people who have rational doubts about the existence of God, but would like to believe that God exists.

Religion & Spirituality
March 15
Ingram DV LLC

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