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My name is Rich Mclean, a PhD research student at Victoria University, Melbourne, and I am so excited to bring you the following narratives.

The following six chapters are written and recorded from six interviews with local young people on the topic of:

‘What does it mean to be human both now and in the future through the lens of technology and framed by the Anthropocene yet despite global catastrophic risks?’

The experience was amazing and the young people’s lives had been saturated with data and information unlike the generation I was from, and henceforth they gave amazing answers and discussed complex topics with my guidance.

The chapters are in six-part interpreted narratives from the recorded data collection from student interviews.

This content was written as a section of a PhD dissertation to be officially submitted in April 2019, but I am releasing it early because I am just so excited about this research and finally submitting my PhD!

It follows on and manifests from from a curriculum I made in six parts that that was the ‘Spark of Ideas’, that focussed on three things in cumulative time: The first was artificial intelligence, (AI), and the anticipated superintelligence that will further enable post-humanism including eugenics and co-creating future worlds.

The results I’m sure you will agree are fascinating to behold and creates new global knowledge from localised antipodean settings. We talked about many fascinating things such as cyborgs, digitally downloading information to our brains, technology and disability, alien beings, whether to trust an AI, how we should ethically guide and foster the coming superintelligence, (if we can stop it at all), inter-dimensionality, alien beings, fate, free will and much, much more.

One of the most fascinating aspects was that through interstellar ‘resonance’ that we may be able to ‘tune in’ to other ‘quantum superintelligences’, across the universe like tuning into a radio.

This section of the study ended up in the genesis of a creative component for my PhD, which is not reproduced here, but which is titled: ‘A Splice Of Life; Just because I am ‘mad’, does not mean I'm wrong!; The intersection of spirituality and madness, science and shamanism.’

You will be able to download the whole published exegesis plus the creative component from my website www.richmclean.com.au hopefully by the end of 2019.

But for now, please be delighted with our antipodean intelligent youth of today and marvel at their imaginations which was utilised as a methodology for research.

Thanks for your support and interest.

Rich Mclean

November 27
Rich McLean
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