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In 2975, the orphan Yatima is grown from a randomly mutated digital mind seed in the conceptory of Konishi polis. Yatima explores the Coalition of Polises, the network of computers where most life in the solar system now resides, and joins a friend, Inoshiro, to borrow an abandoned robot body and meet a thriving community of “fleshers” in the enclave of Atlanta.

Twenty-one years later, news arrives from a lunar observatory: gravitational waves from Lac G-1, a nearby pair of neutron stars, show that the Earth is about to be bathed in a gamma-ray flash created by the stars’ collision — an event that was not expected to take place for seven million years. Yatima and Inoshiro return to Atlanta to try to warn the fleshers, but meet suspicion and disbelief. Some lives are saved, but the Earth is ravaged.

In the aftermath of the disaster, the survivors resolve to discover the cause of the neutron stars’ premature collision, and they launch a thousand polises into interstellar space in search of answers. This diaspora eventually reaches a planet subtly transformed to encode a message from an older group of travellers: a greater danger than Lac G-1 is imminent, and the only escape route leads beyond the visible universe.

This multimedia edition includes movies, illustrations and interactive games.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 28
Orion Books
Greg Egan

Customer Reviews

ABR3434 ,

Great book, poor edition

Five out of five stars for the book, but I'd recommend the regular one over this one. This version contains a glossary and a few animations which are probably available on the web as well, but at the cost of having all the text in a fixed-pagination PDF-like format. You can't change the size of the text or the colors away from black on cold, bright white (not fun at night).

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