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With insight, humor, and a bit of 'I don't know what,' Ryan Forsythe turns the modern political satire on its head in this alternative historical novel exploring why Dick Cheney has done the things he's done.

We first meet a young Richard Bruce 'Dick' Cheney in the year 2791 as he endures another of his Dad's lectures on the terrible no good Gore presidency, the source of all suffering in the world after a series of freak time travel accidents vaporized our dearest celebrities. Soon Cheney is on a joyride through time with his buddy Kimo. Unfortunately, their time machine stalls out on the Interyear and Dick finds he is stuck in the Nixon administration.

Recalling his father's rants, Cheney realizes he has the opportunity to change history. If he can ensure Gore loses the 2000 election, perhaps 800 years later, perhaps he won't have to endure any more lectures. Better yet, maybe he can finally make his old man proud. Will the assistance of alien pinochle player Donald Rumsfeld be enough? Or will he have to enlist both foul-mouthed mob boss Ralph Nader and the secretly Republication robot Joseph Lieberman? And what does the Iran-Contra scandal have to with any of this?

Forsythe skewers the conventions of modern books and DVDs, with numerous 'bonus features.' Included are a Deleted Epilogue (obviously not deleted); a faux Author Commentary featuring Forsythe and Cheney discussing Cheney's actions in chapter one; and a Reading Group Guide, with discussion questions and an author interview.

Released the same day as Dick Cheney's own memoir, "Dick Cheney Saves Paris" heralds a new voice in the genre of personal and political madcap sci-fi meta- anti- novels. Read the book about which LOST writer Brian K. Vaughan says, 'There is no way in hell I'm gonna read this, much less blurb it.'

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August 27
Ryan Forsythe
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