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Dictionary Of Destiny

Knowing Right Prayer To Pray To Fulfill Your Destiny

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This book discusses your biography irrespective who you are in the society. You are created for a purpose, a destiny to fulfil, but Satan is stoutly unhappy you attain your height in the call of God. The battle line is drawn right from the day your father and mother met and a contract of marriage is sealed. Satan knew the purpose of marriage is to have children with a purpose. He takes it as a duty to attack the marriage from fruition. At this point you are a target that must be fought standstill and to fail woefully in life. But the Lord makes a way out for a book like this that conquers in your favour.
It is high time we pursue our destiny and fulfil it. Our primary purpose on earth is to fulfil what God wants us to do on earth. Most of the time we lose focus and derail. This book is all about how to pray and discover yourself. The book is written in a chronological order of life; starting from courtship and wedding, the day we were born, the day of naming ceremony, time of childhood, time of adulthood, the working years and time of retirement, old age and death.
In the spirit, dictionary of destiny starts from the beginning, that is, the process of coming to this world, it ends at point Z, the last chapter of life, which is old age and death. From the point of formation in the womb to birth, to fulfilling our destiny, the experience we have, our biography speaks volume. You operate in every stage of life which represents each bus stop of life. Every stage in life is loaded with history of accountability or otherwise. It is this history that forms the bulk called dictionary of destiny.
This book is unique on its own. It traces our destiny from foundation of life to when we leave the world. This is the reason the book is called DICTIONARY OF DESTINY. The book is easy to read and digest. Each stage of life is well treated with scriptures to support the facts of life. Your destiny is important, it is your divine will. You are entrusted to fulfil it. It would be very painful and disastrous to us if at the end of our sojourn on earth we are not happily received in eternal glory.
You must not be a victim of destiny failure. Many people did not fulfil their destiny on earth; they take it all back to the grave. That is why it is said, “The grave yard is the most luxurious place on earth. Often times we heard great prophecies about our lives that we are great people, we will be rich and famous. Most times it doesn’t come to pass. The destiny is cut short. The devil is at work. But then this book will help you.
After you read and pray with this book, the Lord will perfect your way thus:

Every barrier against your destiny fulfilment shall break to pieces and catch fire.

Every embargo placed on your destiny shall break and scatter.

Every strongman behind your problem shall expire.

Destiny polluters and destiny destroyer shall die.

You shall recover what you lost in past years and be blessed.

The Lord shall heal and repair your foundation.

Nothing called premature death shall be heard in your home.

Every spirit of serpent and scorpion that ravage your life, shall expire.

Good things in your life shall not be aborted.

Banks of witchcraft shall not consume your finance.

The storms of life shall be a thing of past in your life.

The battle is won as you pick this book. I say congratulation. You are a champion!

Religion & Spirituality
January 17
Tella Olayeri
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