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Lesen Sie die berühmte Erzählung von Franz Kafka als zweisprachiges interaktives E-Book. Tippen Sie auf einen Satz, um die Übersetzung einzublenden. Da die Textfragmente kurz sind, verstehen Sie den Kontext sofort. Ihr Lesefluss wird nicht unterbrochen, die Atmosphäre des Buches bleibt erhalten.

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Read the famous story by Franz Kafka as an enhanced dual language ebook. Tap on a sentence to display the English translation. Because the text fragments are short, you instantly understand the context. Your reading flow is not interrupted; atmosphere of the original work is preserved.

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February 21
Igor Kogan

Customer Reviews

inderruhe ,

Need to reinstate highlighting option

These books are a great idea, but it seems a few details have been missed. The "tap for translation" feature appears to have nudged the "tap to highlight" nicety out the door... suspecting that people purchase these books to facilitate learning a language, highlighting new vocabulary is an absolute requirement. Please find a way to restore it.

Also, I think there should be an option to alternate the prime language. In other words, you should be able to read the book in either language in its entirety, if you so wish, without having to incessantly tap your way through the book to view the juxtaposed alternate language. I find this necessary because I've noticed for a given literary work you offer only a Language A to Language B version, but not the reverse. This should be a very straightforward modification.

Integrate these two features and you've got yourself a 5-star product!

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