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Since being cut loose by the DEA because of their allegations that he was a loose cannon who was too quick to use extreme measures against the murderous goons he came up against, ex-undercover agent Kent Baker has filled his spare time as a freelance purveyor of punitive justice. Through it all he maintains the alligator skin he developed while working his former job, along with an icy demeanor to match, dispositions that have helped keep him alive.
But now, due to a recent bloodied calamity, things have changed and he has found himself within the all-time low point of his ragtag existence. People close to him had been brutally murdered, and the love of family ended up meaning nothing. At long last, his outlook on living has hit rock-bottom and he has come to the decision that life was no longer worth the slog.
But out of nowhere an old law enforcement friend, sensing something is amiss, calls him up with a suggestion.
The affable community of Scott City, Missouri, was existing within the swirl of a nightmare. Two young women have been heartlessly murdered and now a third one is missing, all of which means there could be a serial killer on the loose. Instead of languishing, this person suggests, why not join in on a search for the missing girl, and also maybe offer the local Sheriff any worthwhile input that the violent run-ins of his past can offer. At first Baker is reluctant to heed his friend’s counsel but, eventually, he decides to maybe go ahead and follow through on his buddy’s proposal.
In doing so, his life is forever changed. He intersects with a beautiful lady, and assists in an investigation where women are killed and mutilated without reason. A series of homicides where clues are few, violence runs rampant, and suspects abundant.
As has been the case as of lately, he finds himself immersed in the middle of the fracas, the final resolution of which is terrifying, mindboggling and heart-breaking.
When all is said and laid to rest, Baker is most definitely lifted out of his self-centered doldrums.

Mysteries & Thrillers
February 8
Paul Hennrich
Smashwords, Inc.

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