no. 1 - Birdwell, Texas Mysteries

Digging Up Bones

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From acclaimed author Aimee Gilchrist comes a brand new series set in the most unlikely of places...

Helen Harding is a genius at picking losers. Her exes run the gamut from merely lazy to legitimately criminal, making all the stops in between. After her fourth, and absolutely final, fiancé is carted off to prison for making time with the underage honeys, Helen is mortified and desperate to get out of town. The perfect solution seems to be a last minute call to arms from her aunt Penny, a beer swigging chain smoker from backwoods Texas who has three-inch press-on nails, a love of men from truck stops, and a life or death problem...that, unfortunately, ends in death before Helen even has a chance to arrive.

Helen believes in atonement—or maybe it's revenge. Either way, she owes it to Penny to find out who ended her life in violence. Much to the annoyance of the local volunteer sheriff, Aodhagan MacFarley—who Helen is most definitely not getting involved with no matter how hot he may look in his fitted suit and polished wingtips. With or without his help, Helen vows to tracks a trail of suspects who may have more than one foul deed to account for. As the days drag on, the nights heat up, and the danger grows closer, if Helen isn't careful, she may just end up six feet under and the latest casualty of Birdwell, Texas!

What critics are saying about Aimee's books:

"Great characters and witty dialogue. There are enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until the end. I look forward to reading more."
—A Cozy Booknook

"An awesome, fun and funny read. Highly recommended for mystery readers, cozy readers...chick-lit, humor. Highly recommended!"
—Bear Mountain Books

"Clever, witty, and heartfelt! I was with Helen every step of the way, and I wish I could visit Birdwell, Texas myself. You know, without the dead bodies and stuff."
—Gemma Halliday, New York Times bestselling author

Mysteries & Thrillers
March 1
Gemma Halliday Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

PeggyLmystery ,

Good story

I wanted to know more about the characters and why they were them!

Morghan Vaughn ,

A fun read!

I have a deep rooted love for the titles put out by Gemma Halliday's publishing company...there is so much catnip for me in almost every book! This book takes place in a small, podunk Texas town...quite similar to the one I grew up in. Naturally, I was totally on board for this story. Helen Harding is a true crime author from New York who finds herself in Birdwell TX at the request of her favorite eccentric aunt. When Helen arrives, she finds that her aunt had been murdered and it appears as if she was trying to leave a message for Helen. Naturally, there is always a potential love interest in these books and that honor goes to Aodhagan MacFarley, the local town do-gooder who seems to have a hand in every part of this tiny town. Will Helen be able to solve her aunt's murder while also resisting Aodhagan's increasing charm and appeal?
This book was predictable, but very charming. I loved Helen and Aodhagan's interactions. Both of these characters are flawed and have pasts that they aren't too fond of and they spend a lot of the non-mystery portions of the book dealing with their feelings and past demons...but in a totally non-angsty way. The author left it open for a second book, and I would definitely be interested in reading more about Birdwell!
I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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