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Bring James Joyce to life in a friendly and authoritative Dubliners for the 21st century. 

Digital Dubliners offers the first-time student and the seasoned reader a whole new multimedia experience. Discover in this guided edition the cultural and historical background of Ireland; explore James Joyce’s literary influence in a wonderfully interactive environment.

Crammed with three hundred-odd images, over seven hundred notes and explanations, two dozen videos, critical essays and hyperlinks, interactive maps sourced from contemporary newspaper, sound, film and photographic archives, with essays, film, recordings, background and expert discussion…It’s a joy to study or browse at your leisure.

Designed as a text and guide, Digital Dubliners presents critical commentary throughout in video interviews with two of the most important Joyceans in the world, Professors Joseph Valente (U. at Buffalo) and Vicky Mahaffey (U. of Illinois).

Conceived and produced by the students of Boston College under Professor Joseph Nugent, Digital Dubliners will open everyone’s eyes to these wonderful gems from the hand of the young James Joyce.

Fiction & Literature
June 3
Joseph Nugent

Customer Reviews

BasilBaker ,

What the MultiTouch Revolution is all about!

This is a delight. The multimedia elements add a depth to Joyce's stories that expands our understanding of the text. The student video introductions and their essays following each story fill us with hope that a bright and insightful generation will keep great art alive as we move into the brave new world of the pervasive mobile platform. Kudos to all involved in this project. And kudos to Apple for providing the iBooks Author multimedia publishing platform.

MaggieNixon ,

Incredible Resource

This is an incredible resource for first-time readers of Joyce and veteran Joycean scholars alike! I’m thrilled to have this text at my disposal during the academic year and I think my high school students will greatly appreaciate the amassed supplemental information alongside the original text. Fabulous job, easy interface, visually pleasing, and engaging analysis.

Tardsalot ,

Digital Dubliners

This is a wonderful resource that really helps the reader understand Joyce’s work within the historical, social & religious context of which it was written. Bravo!