Digital Is Everyone’s Business

A guide to transition

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Marketplaces continue to change. The demands on your business are unprecedented: the volume of work is ever growing, complexity is increasing and digital is confusing. Transformations are failing and disruption hype is everywhere. How will your organisation evolve? How can you differentiate? How do you explore and select the right digital initiatives?

DIGITAL is Everyone’s Business: A Guide to Transition sequences the steps to your best future. 

• It begins with your mindset and why learning is more important than knowing. Create greater capacity for valuable initiatives through assessing and remediating the draining activities.
Technology is one of several enablers with simple communication techniques for shared understanding of current capabilities and future aspirations that lead to better decision-making. 
• Greater relevance through your people and their capabilities resulting in an alert organisation that can anticipate and respond appropriately to situations.     
• Setting the conditions for innovation with practical tactics, employee insights and partnership strategies culminating in more frequent and greater outcomes. 
• Improving your digital IQ, being aware of the interdependencies of customer intimacy and scaled orchestration. Determine when, how and what it is to be digital.

DIGITAL is Everyone’s Business: A Guide to Transition is your ultimate guide to digital. It’s clear, concise and practical. If you are serious about evolving your business and growing your people, and you want to understand and be digital, this guide is your foundation. 

About the Author: 

David is a former CIO & digital executive, an adjunct professor, author & digital business advisor

As an internationally recognised innovator, David is a thinker and pragmatist. His expertise lies in offering unique and succinct insights that enable organisations and their people to realise their technology and digital potential. He believes that good people within organisations have the potential to be great and that their current knowledge combined with digital fundamentals will contribute to a business that truly realises its potential.

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September 20
David Banger

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