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In Dining with Divers Volume 2 – A Taste for Adventure, Simon Pridmore and David Strike again invite an eclectic mix of diving personalities from around the world to share some memorable underwater moments and a recipe for a favourite meal.

You will hear from an international cast of characters, representing virtually the entire spectrum of the scuba diving community. You will meet legendary figures from the dawn of sport diving as well as enthusiastic newcomers. You will follow explorers through vast and difficult cave systems that no human has ever visited and dive down onto shipwrecks from centuries past that continue to bear witness to past glories and follies. You will read about encounters with some of the greatest and most sought after animals in the ocean and also revel in some comic underwater mishaps.

This being a cookbook as well as a story book, at the end of each tale, there is a recipe for a dish and you may be delighted to find that the meal options on offer are as varied as the stories. There are curries and chillis, pastas and risottos. There is soul food and sea food, Chinese cuisine and Italian cuisine. There are vegetarian options and dessert options. You will eat mackerel on a Scottish beach and tear lobsters apart on the coast of Maine. You will cook mussels from the English Channel and share a fiery favourite named after a rock band.

This is a book that you will come back to time and again, to share a tale of the sea or to plan your own dinner for divers.

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December 27
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