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Take a look at this new enhanced edition of the children's favorite: Dinosaurs for Kids! This book includes all the original content, allowing the reader to:

• Peek inside a dinosaur egg

• Discover what dinosaurs really ate

• Learn how dinosaur tracks are made

• Meet the most unusual creatures to ever walk the earth, stalk the seas, or soar across the sky

• Discover how dinosaur bonebeds are made, and other kinds of fossils beyond just bones

• Learn the truth behind museum exhibits and flawed evolutionary timelines

• Discover more about the 7 Fs of dinosaur history

New content only available in this edition includes popups with additional information about the dinosaurs featured in the book, picture galleries showing images from around the world, videos explaining more about key points of interest, and a few other extras for you to discover for yourself.

Within these pages kids will uncover the facts about dinosaur history from the Creation to recent discoveries. Let Ken Ham take you on a journey through time to explore these awesome wonders of God's design. From where dinosaurs lived to what scientists assume they know about these great creatures, dinosaurs have never been this exciting, revealing and simply amazing!

Science & Nature
October 25
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New Leaf Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

DebraK ,

Love the extras!

I have not been terribly impressed with most of the iBooks content I have interacted with. Until Dinosaurs for Kids. Wow.

Not only do you have the ebook, but this also will pronounce the names of all of the dinosaurs (this mom LOVES that!) and there are videos, quizzes, and just loads of extra information.

The book itself is great, with beautiful illustrations. But the extras make this a 5 star item. My kids, ages 6-15, all love Dinosaurs for Kids, and I do as well.

Disclaimer: I received this ibook for free from New Leaf Publishing Group as part of the Moms of Master Books program. No other compensation was received. The fact that I received a complimentary product does not guarantee a favorable review.

ScienceDad1 ,

Ken Ham Undermines Science - stay away

This guy is unqualified to write a book and undermines science by his lack of understanding. Stay away. Far far away.

Jrandleman ,

Book Review - Dinosaurs For Kids Enhanced Ebook by Ken Ham

Even though I have a Kindle, as well as the Kindle app on my iPad, I haven't been much of an ebook reader. I simply prefer to read the print version. I have nothing against the electronic format, it's just my personal preference.

However, I recently was given an electronic copy of Ken Ham's book Dinosaurs For Kids. The opportunities for sharing this book with my kids, especially my eight-year-old son, have been almost endless.

We have been reading and re-reading page after page from this incredible resource.

Detailing the existence of dinosaurs from a biblical perspective, instead of an evolutionary one, Ken Ham has developed a fascinating resource in the enhanced version. With dozens of pop up descriptions of different dinos and their lifestyles, Dinosaurs For Kids gives the reader more information than could possibly fit into the print version of the book.

Dinosaurs For Kids covers all aspects of the existence of dinosaurs, from creation to to fall, from the flood to the fossil record, Ham gives a concise yet detailed account of these magnificent creatures. He also helps to dispel some of the evolutionary presupposition surrounding dinosaurs that are too readily accepted today.

Dinosaurs For Kids displays vivid images, and gives tons of detailed information about some of the most fascinating parts of God's creation. My family really enjoyed it. I'm sure you will as well.

Disclosure of Material Connection:
I received this book free from New Leaf Press/Master Books as part of their Blogger Review Program, called Creation Conversations. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

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