Director on a Mission

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Publisher Description

Be careful what you wish for…

When Devon and Gabriel take over as Co-Presidents of the Privy Council, they think the hardest part will be finding a way to work together. But more difficult by far is trying to fill Carter's shoes.

After their disastrous first day of work ends with a body and a missing canister of uranium, they scramble to pick up the pieces. But before the day can finish, they receive a mysterious call.

The clock is ticking. A life may be on the line.

Armed with a box of clues and mysterious riddles, the men embark upon a wild scavenger hunt to rescue Kraigan Kerrigan. But an invisible hand is working in the shadows, and his abduction may not be what it seems. Can they find a way to pull together? Can they solve the riddles in time?

Or has that luck of theirs finally run out…?

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 20
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