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Dirt – he’s a teenager, Aiden Collins, an insolent mechanic covered in grime who thinks he’s God’s gift to gay mankind. He’s going to collide with a man from the City – a banker, Mitchell Manson, an experienced Dom in the prime of his life, who has the devil’s own temper when stupidly provoked and the fattest cock in town. A Lamborghini with engine trouble and two sensitive subjects are the catalysts for their explosive encounter which will see Aiden taken to a whole new world as Mitchell brutally exposes the lad’s submissive side. It’s going to be rough and harsh as mucky pup Aiden is brought to heel. Mitchell is stern and a tough man to please, but that just adds to his attraction. And of course there are those sore-spots which inevitably are exposed – raw angry wounds inadvertently baited – and that’s when Dirt and the City really engage, so be warned – these men will get downright filthy!

Summer in the city and it’s seriously hot. Left alone in the garage where the teenage mechanic works, Aiden has stripped to the waist and undone his flies because this cock loving tramp is dirty like that. His working week is almost over. Another half hour and he’ll be closing up shop. A long shower at home to remove the filth of his job then he’ll be out on the razz for a night on the tiles. He plans to get dirty again – the dirtier the better for this bottom slut, who desperately needs his ass to get f****d as it’s been almost a week since it’s last been screwed.
Of course he needs something more – he has done so all his life. Not having a father, he yearns for authority. But Aiden is too wrapped up in his self-centred world to realise what he’s missing. There’s just a niggling urge that simmers beneath, lacking definition, which in the exuberance of youth and Aiden’s whorish behaviour, has never been allowed to come to the surface. A year on the gay scene and he thinks he knows everything – but for all his cocky bravado, Aiden is still in his teens and has only ever dealt with the vanilla side of sex. He’s too inexperienced to appreciate just how dirty and perverse the city can be, offering depths of depravity that are infinitely more gratifying than mere fornication.
But as luck would have it - some education is coming his way, and a lot earlier than Aiden might have expected. It takes the form of Mitchell Manson, a city banker who is leaving his office only a few miles away and getting into a car that won’t make it very far. Fate can be a funny old thing!
So bring it on, bring it on. Who cares about the heat... heat in the city that is normally so cool? Let’s see how dirty and degenerate it can be... Taste the filth and wallow in its stench. Give praise to the god of Sodom and Gomorrah, screaming, ‘Halle-bloody-lujah! I have found myself at last!’

Warning: This book contains explicit gay m/m content and is suitable for readers 18 and above.

Fiction & Literature
November 21
Firm Hand Books
Smashwords, Inc.

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