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From USA Today Bestselling Author Ella Miles comes a DARK romance series!

Arlo Carini saved my life, only to destroy it.

When I first met him, he was the wealthy, powerful, sexy stranger giving me and a dozen other art history students a tour of his mansion. But he soon became my everything.

My savior.

My lover.

My obsession.

He tried to warn me. Every chance he could, he tried to get me to run far, far away. But it only made my obsession grow stronger. Until I made the worst mistake I could. And ended up trapped forever.

Series Order: 

Dirty Beginning

Dirty Obsession

Dirty Addiction

Dirty Revenge

Entire series now available!

October 24
Ella Miles LLC
Ella Miles

Customer Reviews

DJGonzo69 ,

Twisted story

Um, what the heck did I just read?!?!?

Dirty Beginning is a prequel to Dirty Obsession and I can't wait to read it! It details the beginning of Nina and Arlo's twisted story. Nina is a silly, stupid little rich girl who's studying in Italy for a month. She apparently has a history of becoming obsessed with men, which has lead to her being in therapy for years now. But, when she sees Arlo, who oozes sex and power, she can't help herself, and starts fantasizing about getting his attention and worming her way into his bed.

This all sounds good, sexy, but the way she goes about capturing his attention is a bit pathetic, (she's pathetic), and she allows herself to be treated terribly by Arlo, even as she revels in his attention. And then came the crazy ending, which of course, is leading to their full story. Now I'm dying to find out just how Arlo and Nina will go about getting themselves out of the insane situation she's forced them into.

Ella Miles is on the top of her game with this little peek into Arlo and Nina's world, so excited for more!

Wolfe86 ,


this sounds like something I would have wrote in middle school. It does a lot of telling... not enough of showing. Arlo is a flat character. Nina’s obsession isn’t realistically brought about. Barely touches on it. The whole sex thing is creepy. This story line has potential. But to be in debt to the family should have been something more intriguing instead of rape. Nina and Arlo are both immature. Arlo was not mysterious enough. No real twists.

straighttalker198 ,



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