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JJ and Jack are finally on their honeymoon, but a ritualistic murder and secrets that have been kept for more than half a century interrupt their wedded bliss.

Mysteries & Thrillers
July 7
7th Press
Liliana Hart

Customer Reviews

Marqbrad ,

Dirty Deeds

This was an interesting story. It was great because Jack and J.J. got married and started a life together. It was also nice that they solved the murder without endangering their selves. Very captivating and uplifting.

Kej5023 ,

Not as good as the prior books in the series

I LOVED the first four books of this series, but this was a real let down. I couldn't put the others down, but didn't have the same feeling here. It seems like maybe she was in a bind and just needed to spit another book out because it was barely a fourth of the length of her previous book and it lacked the detail and excitement as well. And the ending...terrible! It literally was like reading a cliff notes version of a book. I'm really disappointment. I was planning to read some of her other series when I saw there was a 5th book to the JJ Graves series and got extremely excited. I had recommended this series to a bunch of friends, but now I'm telling them just to read the first four books and not to waste money on this one. I'm bummed. Not sure I want to bother with her other series now in case they lack the same substance and cliff hangers. I definitely recommend the first four books, but don't waste your time on this one.

m.nicaaa ,

Short and simple

The last story should’ve ended with the rest of the investigation after the crash, instead of cutting it short then adding an even shorter detail on the wedding. This story could’ve started with the wedding since it was a “Novella” anyways. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who wanted to know what the wedding was like. Who was there? Jack’s reaction to seeing Jaye in her dress. The vows, etc. It would’ve been a great way to start this book and then off into their honeymoon. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so short. I read through the book in about 2 hours.

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