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Conflicted in the depth of her feelings for bad boy Gavin Kingsley, lonely librarian Emma Bell knows he’s all wrong for her—yet the heart wants what it wants.

But if she gives into his dark, erotic desires will she lose herself completely?

Passion, drama and suspense combine in the highly-anticipated conclusion to Emma Bell’s love affair with the alpha and enigmatic Kingsley brothers. Secrets will be exposed, sides will be chosen, and nothing will ever be the same.

This is book two in the series, following Dirty Little Secret.

October 9
Kendall Ryan
Kendall Ryan, LLC

Customer Reviews

Lynn B888 ,

I wanted a little more!

Angst filled drama with a boat load of steaminess! When we left off from the first book in the Forbidden Desires series, we were left with a shocking cliffhanger. This book picks up shortly after and deals with the aftermath. I wanted a little more from the book personally and felt like it was a bit of a let down after the first. I still enjoy the characters ... but the plot could have been spiced up a bit to match the first book. Still an enjoyable group of people though, and I'm looking forwarding to what the future holds! I recommend reading this series in order or you will miss some key points along the way.

Conflicted librarian Emma Bell can't decide what to do. Does she say the secrets she's discovered about Gavin Kingsley don't matter to her, or does she turn her back on his bad boy hotness and say that nice guy Cooper is more her style? Gavin pushes her hot buttons like no other, but will giving in to her carnal desires only lead to heartache in the end?

Kristie Koste ,

A scintillating conclusion...

Dirty Little Promise
By: Kendall Ryan

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5 Review by Kristie K

A scintillating conclusion to what Dirty Little Secret began, Kendall Ryan definitely satisfies with Dirty Little Promise…

Dirty Little Promise picks up right where we left off in Dirty Little Secret. The second installment of the Forbidden Desires series, and the conclusion to the story of Emma and Gavin, Ms. Ryan delivers a truly decadent tale. Learning of Gavin’s dark secret sends Emma running scared, and unsure of where she really stands in his life…or his heart. Though the answers she seeks are not easy to hear, Emma cannot deny the fire that burns in her veins for Gavin Kingsley. Giving him another chance won’t be easy, but her heart won’t let her walk away without a fight. Gavin bares his soul to Emma…the good, the bad, and the truly ugly…and prays that she won’t run away screaming when she learns the truth. When she accepts him, and decides to try again, his hardened heart opens just a little bit more. So many obstacles stand in their way…and hearts are bound to be broken…but the question is…who’s?

Ms. Ryan has done it again. Dirty Little Promise is just as good, if not better, than Dirty Little Secret. Watching these two overcome devastating secrets, revelations, and truths was heart-wrenching and beautiful. Knowing that someone was going to get hurt, no matter what the outcome, hung over my heart the entire book. As always, this book was written with so much thought, heart, soul, and love. You can feel it with every word you read. From the storyline, to the characters, to the writing itself, Kendall Ryan hits it out of the park with this series.

Kristie K

coffeegoddesstmk ,

4.5 Twisty, Turny, Steamy Stars

So, we thought that we knew what happened at the end of DIRTY LITTLE SECRET, didn't we, friends? Ms. Kendall Ryan dropped a bomb, then left us hanging, just sure that we knew what was what with that sexy but no-good alpha Gavin Kingsley. Now, along comes the explanation in DIRTY LITTLE PROMISE, and we're left loving Gavin more than we did before. Is he bossy? Yes. Can he be distant? Yes. Is he still one of the sexiest alpha guys with more heart than we knew to come along? Yes, yes, yes. And then there's Cooper and Quinn, the other Kingsley brothers. What's a girl to do?

DIRTY LITTLE PROMISE picks right back up where DLS ended, taking us along for the ride as Emma discovers who truly holds her heart. There's suspense, passion, and angst aplenty, making this just the kind of book that I like to read, and, yes, priming the pump, as it were, for more Kingsley brothers adventures in the future.

DIRTY LITTLE PROMISE is another 4.5 star read for me. Engaging, entertaining, and seriously steamy, Kendall has done a great job of carrying the story through to this book. The twists and turns that happen along the way keep things interesting, and just make for a more satisfying ending, and the characters continue to delight (who knew Little Miss Emma could bring a Kinglsey to his knees?!). A definite must-read for Kendall's fans, and anyone looking for some sizzle and pop, DLP is a keeper.

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