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"They have sex too early and for the wrong reasons.

They get STDs. They get pregnant too young.

They have “friends with benefits” but with no benefit to themselves.

They don’t get called. They get dumped.

They hate themselves for being unlovable for being needy.

They are loose girls they are everywhere and they need our help.

In the provocative hit memoir Loose Girl, Kerry Cohen explored her own promiscuity with brutal candor and stunning clarity. Dirty Little Secrets is the eye-opening follow-up readers have been clamoring for, a riveting look at today’s adolescent girls who use sex as a means to prove their worth. Cohen lays bare the hard truths about this dangerous life that reveals itself in girls you wouldn’t expect and in ways you might not see—and that can seriously damage and hurt these girls. Featuring stories from self-admitted loose girls across the country, Dirty Little Secrets is an unforgettable wake-up call for our culture, ourselves, and our vulnerable daughters.

“Very few people can write about teen girls’ sexual promiscuity with the candor, empathy, and intelligence Kerry Cohen does…I think any girl who reads this will recognize at least one girl she knows—and that girl may be looking back at her in the mirror.” —Rosalind Wiseman, New York Times bestselling author of Queen Bees and Wannabes and Boys, Girls, and other Hazardous Materials

“Kerry Cohen. . . cuts through the cacophony of noise about sex, desire, and gender, and gets to the core of what’s going on for so many young women today. With an empathic eye, she looks deep into the emotional lives of girls, respecting their struggles and desires, and pointing the way forward towards a more embodied and authentic sexuality for all of us.” —Courtney E. Martin, author of Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters and editor at Feministing.com

“A must-read, for it sheds light on the truth behind the secrets and lies teens tell themselves… Women of all ages can relate and benefit from this book—I can’t recommend it enough. Dirty Little Secrets is urgently needed.”—Amber Smith, model and star of Dr. Drew Pinsky’s Celebrity Rehab and Celebrity Sex Rehab

“Kerry Cohen has ‘been there’—and it shows in her empathy, her insight, and her remarkable ability to draw out the truth…Dirty Little Secrets busts the myths, breaks down walls, and takes us where we need to go to understand the private lives of so many young women today.”—Hugo Schwyzer, PhD, Pasadena City College, Coauthor, Beauty, Disrupted: the Carré Otis Story"

September 1
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