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Book two of Mia and Grayson's duet

Grayson Bennett returns.

A powerful man, the king of the world to some, but he is nothing without Mia Cavanaugh. She is his life, his heart, the reason he breathes. Shaken by an attempt on her life, Grayson is ready to marry her, love her, protect her, but the threat isn't over. He has lost everyone he loves before Mia. He will do anything it takes to protect her and call her his forever. 

Book one: Dirty Rich Betrayal is available now.

May 12
Julie Patra Publishing
Lisa Renee Jones

Customer Reviews

starstacy ,

I love a happy ending!

I love a happy ending, but I will backtrack! This book picks up after their first book, Dirty Rich Betrayal, so you must read that first. There are repercussions that need to be dealt with after what happened at the end of book one, so the happy ending does not happen right away. Both Mia and Grayson still have issues between them, but they work through them here. Plus there is an intensity in making sure that the repercussions from the first book are cleaned up that left me reading as fast as I could. Mia understands Grayson’s need to control and his darker side that comes out at times, and I loved that about her. She is also smart, fierce and stands up for what is right. Grayson is loyal to those to closest to him, and I admired that about him. Mia and Grayson share an unbreakable bond after everything they went through; they are everything to each other. When I finally read their happy ending, I had a smile on face and happy tears in my eyes. I loved and enjoyed being back in this Dirty Rich world, so I highly recommend this series!

*I received an advanced copy of this ebook from the author for my honest review.*

Kris-13 ,

Dirty Rich Betrayal: Love Me Forever

I am the hugest sucker for second chances, and what’s better than any old second chance?? Well second chance LRJ style. Where betrayal, heartbreak, intrigue, mystery, murder, off the charts chemistry.. oh did I mention; Blake Walker, Reese, Eric, and Savage come to out play!

Although this is considered the Conclusion to Mia and Greyson, anyone who is a LRJ fan knows we have not seen the last of them. So, welcome to the world of cameos Mia & Greyson. I cannot wait to be reminded time and time again why I loved your individual bad a$$ery ways in whatever Lisa has for us next!

Sandialys ,

Love Grayson and Mia!

I love Grayson and Mia and their story. I was happy to see them get their happy ending. This story is so well written, you can really feel the love they have for each other. This duet is definitely worth the read.

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