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CONTINUING CAT AND REESE'S STORY (read the beginning of their story in Dirty Rich One Night Stand)

Get ready for Cat and Reese’s story to continue in this novel that will test Cat and Reese’s relationship. Reese is preparing and trying the second hardest trial of his career when the past comes back to haunt him and Cat, just as their lives are getting ready to change irrevocably. 


BOOK ONE: Dirty Rich One Night Stand (Cat and Reese's story)

BOOK TWO: Dirty Rich Cinderella Story (Cole and Lori's story)

BOOK THREE: Dirty Rich Obsession (Reid and Carrie's story)

BOOK FOUR: Dirty Rich Betrayal (Grayson and Mia's story)

BOOK FIVE: Dirty Rich Cinderella Story: Ever After (Cole and Lori's second book)

BOOK SIX: Dirty Rich Bastard (Eric Mitchell's story)

BOOK SEVEN: Dirty Rich One Night Stand: Two Years Later (Cat and Reese's second book)

BOOK EIGHT: Dirty Rich Obsession: All Mine (Reid and Carrie's second book)

December 5
Julie Patra Publishing
Lisa Renee Jones

Customer Reviews

To to rosie73 ,

Dirty rich one night stand by Lisa Renee Jones ibooks

Love the story like to finish reading the complete series

tfail24 ,

Love Cat and Reese

I so love the relationship that Cat and Reese have and how they know right off the bat when something is wrong with each other. I love getting to see more of them two years later and to see how much in love they are. Reese is this awesome attorney and Cat, with her article, always grounds him during his trials. So what happens when something happens to Cat and she can’t tell Reese about it, because he is in the middle of this huge trial. With their connection, he senses that something isn’t right with Cat and she feels bad not telling him what’s going on. Then add to that the stress from trial that Reese is dealing with and then add some other outside situations to all of the stress and they start feeling that their relationship is off-balance. What will happen with Cat and how will Reese feel when he finds out Cat has been keeping things from him?

This is another must read book by Lisa Renee Jones and more of Cat and Reese.

Erin ~ Nerdy Dirty & Flirty ,

Another must read!

Oh boy!! This book had me tearing through the pages. Well, that’s not really different from the rest of Jones’ books but this one just felt a little different. She added a different kind of drama for me that had my chest constricting and desperate to find out how it would play out.
I loved Cat and Reese’s original book and every appearance they’ve made since. I was so excited to see that Jones was giving them another book. I fell even more in love with these two. Their commitment to one another is inspiring. And don’t get me started on the steam!! They are just as hot now as they were before.
I absolutely loved Two Years Later. The excitement of the trial, the drama, the passion, all of it!

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