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"Sexy and fun with a delicious hockey hero!" -NYTimes Bestseller Lexi Ryan

In my defense, I didn’t know she was his sister…
This team hates me. Something about my chronic case of resting prick face and that thing with the captain when the season started. My fist, his jaw. Yeah, we go back and not in a good way.

Coach says no more “confrontational BS” or I don’t play at all. And that’s a hit my career in the NHL can’t take. So the plan is simple. Keep my head down and finish out my contract with my fists checked.

There’s just one problem.

Allie. The girl from Vancouver eight months ago. The one with the sexy, shy, and sinfully bold smile and the sweetest, wettest mouth I ever tasted. The girl who blew my mind and then blew out of my life without giving me her number.

Turns out she’s the captain’s little sister. And even though my career depends on it... I can’t stay away from her.

October 19
Mira Lyn Kelly
Mira Lyn Sperl

Customer Reviews

Lse587 ,

Immediate reread! ...and it made me late for work!

This book pulled me in from the start. I loved the story and the characters. When I read books, I often highlight passages that I like ... with this one, I was highlighting all the time!

What makes a good book for me are the characters and the writing.... and this book has both.

The main characters, Vaughn and Natalie, both have family issues hanging over them. Vaughn's father made him the hockey star that he is today, but it's come at a price. Everyone has been seen as competition, and he hasn't gotten close to anyone or really had friends because of that. Old habits die hard and Vaughn starts out on the wrong foot with the Slayers ... and Natalie's brother because of it.

Natalie is the girl next door ... who happens to have a NHL superstar brother that captured her parent's attention when she was a kid and caused her to move several times in school. Because she's decided that the sportsman WAG life is not for her, the most ironclad rule she has is not to date hockey players.

.... but apparently it's ok to go on a date (vs date-date) one! Ms. Kelly has woven a story with threads of familiar friends as supporting characters, challenges to long held beliefs and swoon worthy steamy romance that sizzles, all amid threats of career ending extra curricular activities. Vaughn and Natalie try to stay away from each other but quickly discover they can't ... and really don't want to! Greg is overly protective of his sister ... and in a hate - hate relationship with Vaughn.

The writing, infused with drama, steam, and good old fashioned romance, kept me engaged .. and made me late for work as I couldn't put it down with 20% left to go! The story moves along with each chapter going back and forth between Natalie and Vaughn's perspective, which was the best part of all. Vaughn is all in on Team Natalie and reading from his perspective is utterly sigh-worthy.

If you're looking for your next superstar read, download this now. You'll be super happy you did!

Agent$$$$ ,

The Player & the Little Sister

Vaughn and Allie shared a night of unforgettable passion 8mths ago in Vancouver. Vaughn, for the first time in his life, wants to know more about the woman who ghosted him. But he didn’t get her number or last name.

Fast forward 8mths when Vaughn walks into a popular bar, hangout for his hockey team. Vaughn immediately spots Allie and can’t imagine why or how his teammates know her, but he knows he doesn’t like it! After an awkward “introduction”, Allie leaves the bar with Vaughn hot on her trail. When Vaughn finds out “Allie” is actually Natalie, the little sister of his biggest nemesis, he’s livid. He thought she was different, not like all the other puck bunnies....

Natalie has spent the better part of 8mths trying to avoid Vaughn. She knows he needs to do well this season so his requested trade will go through. She also knows of the long-standing rivalry between her brother and Vaughn. As much as she WANTS Vaughn, she knows she can never have him...or can she. Vaughn knows he should stay away from Natalie, even though she’s ALL he can think about. He knows if her brother and team captain finds out about them, he’ll be kicked off the team, thus ending his chances of a trade. Is Allie worth the risk?

Their chemistry is explosive! Natalie’s sweetness is the perfect balance to Vaughn’s edginess. Vaughn was very patient! I loved how Vaughn stood up to Natalie’s brother! I can’t wait to go back and read the first novel in the series. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

Qerzx ,

Wow...just wow.

Mira does it again. I fell into this series earlier this year and couldn’t wait when I found out there was another book in the works. I forgot about it for a while but when I remembered, I couldn’t put it down. I finished it in under 24 hours.

No one writes longing and heart break and love the way she does. You’re hooked on every chapter watching the war of emotions fighting in each character and between them. It’s sweet, it’s sexy, it’s everything in between.

My favorite story of the four so far. Can’t wait for George and Quinn!

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