Dirty Secrets

A Scorching Hot Romance

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Publisher Description

Her brother’s best friend is hotter than sin and she’s about to show up at his luxury apartment. After a lifetime of good behavior, will Connor Dow be able to resist the ultimate temptation on his doorstep?

In New York, the city that never sleeps, Gabrielle “Brie” Lawson can’t get any shut-eye. Not as a struggling actress and definitely not with her longtime crush, Connor, now so close to her bedroom. The devastating, gorgeous club owner has always been off-limits to her. But given that he’s letting her stay with him, that means…well, he might be open to reworking certain sexual boundaries.

With a little private time, Brie is determined to seduce him, cooking him romantic meals and prancing around in lacy lingerie. He shouldn’t expect a creative beauty to be hemmed in by virtue—or clothing. So it doesn’t take long for Connor to trade some late hours at the office for sultry nights with Brie. He seems tailor-made for her in every way. From his well-ordered life to messing up the sheets, there’s no one else. But would he risk losing his best friend—and his business—for a chance at true love?

Take control. Feel the rush. Explore your fantasies—Harlequin DARE publishes sexy romances featuring powerful alpha males and bold, fearless heroines exploring their deepest fantasies.

November 1
Harlequin Digital Sales Corporation

Customer Reviews

Agent$$$$ ,

The Geek Gets The Girl

Brie is tired of being a 3rd wheel. While she appreciates her brother letting her stay with him and his fiancé while she gets back on her feet, the PDA is a little much. Exhausted, Brie decides to move out. She shows up on the doorstep of her brother’s best friend and business partner. She knows she’s playing with fire as she has a HUGE crush on Conner, but doesn’t feel as though she has a choice. She’s broke and struggling to find acting jobs. If she gets the job she’s studying/practicing for, she’ll be able to afford a place of her own.

Conner is the co-owner of one of the most successful night clubs in town. He’s the quiet, nerdy type that would rather stay in the background, while Brie’s brother is the “front guy”. He’s just come off of a bad breakup and isn’t looking for anything serious. When he hears a knock on the door....his greatest temptation is standing there with pleading eyes. He knows he shouldn’t say “yes” to Brie moving in, but he also doesn’t want his best friend to be mad that he turned his sister away in her time of need. He just hopes he can keep his hands to himself...

Woohoo! What a story! I loved Conner and Brie together. They were the perfect mixture of Alpha male, sweetness, kindness, and supportiveness. Brie was there for Conner when he didn’t even know he needed it. She took up for him and defended him. Conner supported Brie in her dreams to become a successful actress—even when he would rather be at home. The chemistry was off the charts!!! I also loved how Brie’s brother and his fiancé were making bets on their relationship. Wonderful characters! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

Ness.U ,

Why are pages blocked?

I paid but couldn’t read the book

Rinsky13 ,


This was such a sexy fun story, just like the one before it. We’ve got Brie, who is Jake’s sister from Dirty Work, showing up with ALL her stuff at the doorstep of her brothers best-friend, Connor. She’s tired of the 24/7 love-fest between Jake & Ainsley, so she pleads with Connor to let her stay while she looks for a new place. Meanwhile, both are quietly, in their heads, lusting after each other 😂. Denying it of course, they end up becoming quite the budding friends, hanging out, movies, dinners. Until it becomes more. And when it does, yowza, Connor goes from quiet smart guy to dirty talking alpha man in charge 🔥 It’s epic 😍 And Brie, she’s fierce & loyal. These opposites are perfect for each other and I completely loved them!!

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