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A hero who forgets Valentine’s Day. 

A hero who remembers. 

A hero with a Valentine’s surprise. 

And a hero with a holiday declaration. 

Dirty Filthy Valentine - When Donovan forgets Valentine’s Day, Sabrina spends the evening at the office, working. Until she realizes she’s not alone.

Filthy Valentine Fix - Trish loves parties at The Open Door, even on Valentine’s Day. What she doesn’t love is some of the customs associated with the holiday. Will her boyfriend ignore them like she wants him to? Or will he force her to enjoy the day in ways she never knew she could? 

Dirty Sweet Valentine - Like her boss, Amy has a reason for being a Scrooge about love. As far as she’s concerned, that stupid holiday with all the hearts and flowers is just another day. Then a surprise shows up on her doorstep, and her evening takes a sudden turn.

Plus one more story featuring a virgin with a secret and the boy who wants to expose it. 

These four short standalone romances can be found in this steaming hot holiday collection, from the author of the Fixed Trilogy and Dirty Filthy Rich Men.

January 31
Paige Press, LLC
Paige Press, LLC

Customer Reviews

~Mindy Lou~ ,

Love these couples!

Three novellas to give us a sneak peak into our favorite Dirty Filthy Rich couples and their Valentines date night. Plus one bonus novella.

I love these couples so it’s always fun to get more tidbits into their lives. Donovan is still my favorite. He’s a character like no other.

Dirty Filthy Valentine - Donovan and Sebrina.
Donovan brings Sebrina’s fantasy to life and I’m reminded by how much I love Donovan Kincaid! What a hot scene!

Filthy Valentine Fix - Nate and Trish
Out of all the couples, these two embodies the title of Dirty Filthy. I’ve never seen a declaration of love on Valentines quite like this.

Dirty Sweet Valentine - Herrington and Amy
We don’t have Harry and Amy’s story yet. This was just a glimpse into how they began. It was actually quite sad. I’m curious how the author is going to turn things around for them.

Bonus story by Laurelin Paige and Katy McGee called Cherry Popper with Chase and Kira
College student Chase can’t quite forget his one night stand. When he runs into her again, it’s at the least likely place he would thought she would be at. A cute college age story with a bit of dirty thrown in.

cindyweidemann ,

Love, love, love!

I love the short stories about favorite characters from other books and series! Laurelin Paige roughs it up with Donovan and Sabrina. They role played, and it could bring trigger warnings for some. Story two includes Nate and Trisha doing their thing at the Open Door. This one is super steamy. Harrington Stele and Amelia have a short quick night with a promise of more later. It ends with a college students Chase Mathews and Kira having a connection in a bar. She is part of the Cherry Popper group promoting virginity. He wants to write a piece for the college newspaper. It is sweet and steamy. Kayti McGee co-wrote this one with Laurelin.
#dirtyfilthy #dirtysweet #roleplay #voyeurs #cherrysweet #valentine #bemine

PattiA810 ,


This is a collection of a few very different Valentine's Day celebrations and declarations of love. It doesn't matter how they show their love just that they do with their whole heart.

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