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Warning: This is a dark, hot, enemies-to-lovers romance featuring an unrepentant alpha male. Clay will give it to you hard in all the right ways—and some of the wrong ones too. 

The first time billionaire Clay Hart fell for Harley Mason, she nearly ruined his life. But she won't get another chance at his heart. He's going to save the son she's hidden from him for six years, even if he has to abduct her and make her his prisoner to do it.

Harley isn't the person she used to be, but sins have a long half-life and rage an even longer reach. Now the only man she's ever loved is back and determined to take away her reason for living.

But she won't give in to his demands without taking their battle to the sheets in one hell of a dirty, twisted, sexy fight.

She won't give up.

He won't give in.

And neither of them is prepared for the passion that flares between them or the shared enemy determined to destroy them both.

* *Dirty Twisted Love ends with a cliffhanger. The entire series is available now.* *

November 10
Self Taught Ninja
Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

NajahIman ,

Wickedly wonderful

All three books in this series are wonderfully written and will draw you in quick! They are easy reads and full of emotion and sex. Did I mention these books have lots of steamy sex? Well they do. Such a nice story, steamy mad sex and I hate you kind of love. Plot is great and thickens with each book leaving you needing more. I'm so happy she is adding a novella for this series as well. Although this book concluded the story well, we all wanted more. The author is so good at drawing you in and making you want the characters, we can never get enough! If you like hot guys and steamy make out sessions filled with I hate you sex, this series is for you!! I'd give it more than 5 stars if possible.

Kaysee-Mo ,

Dirty Twisted

Pretty good start to a series... I'll be buying the 2nd book to continue.

Sandra Two Book Pushers ,

Awesome start to a new series!

I read the Bought by a Billionaire serial series and loved it so I was so excited when Lili announced there was going to be a spin-off series! You do not need to read The Bought by A billionaire series to understand this one, I would recommend reading it as some point's a hot ride! Ok...back to Clay and Harley.

Clay and Harley have history. They were in love once and it all ended with a car crash leaving them to believe that the other died. What really happened was they parted ways, Harley with a baby and on the run and Clay joining the CIA.

After six years of running around the world and shady dealings, Harley wants out. It's easier said than done but she wants what is best for her son. First, she needs a plan. She thought she the perfect set up until she was kidnapped by the only man she ever loved...

Clay wants his son and he wants Harley to pay for what she has done to him and his best friend Jackson. He doesn't want her dead but needs her to suffer, to be locked up and to never see her son again. The problem? The love and hate relationship he feels towards her. He can't trust her but he craves her body and soul. He can also see that her body is is not listening to her mind, she wants him too.

Can one hate as much as they can love? Will one way win out over the other when it comes to both Clay and Harley?

This is a great start to a new series! Sometimes I need something twisted, to hate the character but love him at the same time. This is Lili's third serial series and she gives me that, every time! It's twisted, sexy and keeps me wanting more.


He was a different man than the person she’d known, his heart empty and his soul dark from too much time spent staring into the void, but his face was the same.

“The longer you run, the worse it’s going to be for you when I catch you.”

He was drowning in his own lust and there was only one thing that could bring him back to the surface.

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