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In just six weeks, you can discover the psychic that lives in you.  When you do, you will reap the many health and well being benefits that come when you connect with your higher self!

You can find the answers to every question about life you’ve ever wanted answered by tapping into your higher self! 

Here’s what’s covered:

Introduction and Auras

It’s the introduction you need to start what really will be the most exciting journey you take in your life!  Discover what psychic energy is and learn how to recognize it.  It’s not some freaky, out of reach power by any stretch of the imagination!

Meditation and Visualization

Meditation and visualization are the foundations everybody needs if they are to really discover their inner psychic.  Learn how to choose your meditation place and create the right atmosphere. 

Focal Points and Pendulum

You will expand upon your newly discovered meditation and visualization skills by discovering what non-verbal communication really is.  If you think communication always involved words, think again!  Techniques involving tarot cards, rune stones, I-Ching, crystal balls, astrology and numerology are included.  Learn how to use a pendulum to discover the answers to your questions.

Psychometry and Finding Lost Objects

Read any psychic column and you will know that many people ask questions relating to lost items!  Learn how psychometry relates to houses, antiques, old jewelry, clothes, etc.  It is incredible just how much information you can discover about somebody just from these objects. 

Telepathy and ESP

You’ve seen it on television and in the movies, but now you can learn how to use telepathy and ESP for yourself!  Learn how all psychic energies interrelate.  You will discover how to receive and how to send telepathic messages to both people and animals!

Dreams Come True Workshop

As you know, you can create your reality by the way you think.  You will learn how to set and achieve psychic, personal, business, relationship and other goals.

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September 8
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