Discover Salvador, Brazil

A local's guide to this enchanting place

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Charming. Magical. Enchanting.

All words used to describe Salvador — a gem of a city located on the northeast coast of Brazil. Come fall in love — whether it's with the rich history on the cobblestone streets of the city's historic center, the white sand beaches, or the warm, friendly smiles of the people.

You'll discover the city through the eyes of Jen Santos, a US citizen who has chosen to make Salvador her home. She remembers all too well what it's like to want to learn more, so much more, about this magical city and hating the feeling like she was missing out because of the language barrier. This book is written for the first time visitor so you have all of the resources you need to make the most of your time in this city of enchantment.

What you’ll find in the guide:


<li>Help choosing the best time to visit — based upon price, weather, and your specific interests</li>

<li>Monthly weather patterns</li>

<li>Month-by-month calendar of major holidays and festivals</li>

<li>Pre-travel information, including visas, vaccines, power adapters, and essential apps</li>

<li>Best options for getting around town, including the all-important airport transfer</li>

<li>Day-to-day essentials, including how to use our ATMs, grocery store and pharmacy information, how to get a phone chip, public wi-fi, and more</li>

<li>Public safety information — basic do's and don’ts</li>

<li>Information about local customs and greetings, tipping, and the souvenir scene</li>

<li>The perfect 4 days — a detailed itinerary for the on-the-go traveler</li>

<li>The must-try food and drink of Salvador — we have a food scene all our own here</li>

<li>Top tips for going to the beach, including what you should expect to pay</li>

<li>Guides for the five most popular neighborhoods for visitors</li>

<li>The all-time top 10 things to do in Salvador — both well-known and off the beaten path</li>

<li>More than 50 color photos</li>

<li>5 custom downloadable neighborhood maps with points of interest and safe and not-so-safe streets identified</li>

<li>Links to dozens of helpful websites and blogs</li>

<li>SPECIAL FEATURE: Pelourinho walking tour — a custom walking tour for the dozens of points of interest in the city's historic center. Includes opening and closing hours, admission fees, and if English-language resources are available</li>

Jumpstart your trip planning and be prepared to be enchanted. Click the buy button and get your copy today.

Discover Salvador, Brazil is formatted specifically for eBook with the on-the-go traveler in mind.

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