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Pati Patel is bringing to you in this brand new 2014 book, Discover The Secret Healing Properties Of Herbs & Natural Foods An In-Depth Study, the wonderful world of herbs and foods that heal. As you take an amazing journey through this book, you will be taking a step into the exotic world of senses, smells, and delights as you explore these culinary herbs along with love potions, herbs for health and beauty, herbs for sleeping and rest, delicious recipes using the foods and herbs that heal, and herbs and foods for weight loss with the cleansing herbs and foods. Each herb is listed with detailed information on each one of them. You will discover how to make a culinary bouquet garni of your favorite herbs that will send your taste buds to soaring heights. What a great combination: herbs for beauty, health, weight loss, cleansing, love, romance, fertility, vigor, vitality, sleep, rest, and herbs that will tempt and fill your senses with their wonderful smells and lovely flowers. There is nothing in the world more beautiful and sensuous as an herb garden. In the “Song Of Solomon” the lover’s garden was planted with an orchard of pomegranates, pleasant fruits, camphire with spikenard, spikenard with saffron, calamus, cinnamon, frankincense, myrrh and aloes; with all the chief spices. They asked that a north wind might blow south so that the fragrance could be enjoyed fully. As King Solomon was a great lover and king in the years 970 BC to 931 BC, we know that these herbs, foods, and spices have been enjoyed for love, passion, health, and prosperity for many years.
This brand new 2014 book, Discover The Secret Healing Properties Of Herbs & Natural Foods An In-Depth Study, contains the following delightful studies into the world of herbs and natural organic foods that heal:
Patel Patel’s Study Of The Awesome Incredible Edible Herbs!

Pati Patel’s Study In The Incredible Herbs For Love Potions And Charms!

Pati Patel’s Study In The Incredible Herbs For Beauty Vitality Rest Sleep Weight Loss Fertility Passion And More!

Specific Herbs And Foods For Love And Passion!

Pati Patel’s Study In The Incredible Edible Herbs For Cleansing And Weight Loss!

Pati Patel’s Sleep Like A Baby: Study In The Incredible Herbs For Sleep And Rest!

Weight Loss Broths And No-Calorie Salad Dressing!

Pati Patel’s How To Brew A Perfect Cup Of Tea Every Time!

Pati Patel’s List Of Healing Foods With Their Vitamin Content!
Each delightful beautiful healing herb and food in this book, Discover The Secret Healing Properties Of Herbs & Natural Foods An In-Depth Study, is complete with detailed information on exactly how each healing herb and food work in our bodies and how to mix certain herbs to obtain the results you want. Included in this book are some delectable delicious recipes that take advantage of the delightful aromas and heavenly smells that come from the awesome taste of herbs and spices such as:
Delicious Recipe For Green Bean Casserole
Delicious Recipe For Caesar Salad With Homemade Garlic Croutons
Delicious Recipe For Nasturtium Ginger Dip
Delicious Recipe For Mint Jelly
Delicious Recipe For Minted Citrus Fruit
Delicious Homemade Apple Juice
Delicious Baked Apples
Delicious Fried Bananas
Delicious Recipe For Dill Pickles
Delicious Rainbow For Rainbow Trout With Pine Nut Crust
Delicious Recipe For Greek Pasta And Garlic
Delicious Recipe For Ginger Preserves
Delicious Recipe For Ginger Drop Cookies
Delicious Recipe For Eggnog For Two
Delicious Recipe For Fresh Basil And Olive Oil Preserves
Delicious Recipe For Parsley Pesto
Delicious Recipe For Saffron Rice
Delicious Recipe For Sage Bread Stuffing
Remember, you are in control of your body. Take good care of it and it will take good care of you. I hope you enjoyed this in depth study of herbs and foods that heal. I really enjoy bringing this knowledge to you, and I hope it will bring joy, love, healing, and happiness to your life.
Pati Patel

Health, Mind & Body
May 1
Pati Patel
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