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Volume 1

     Emilie held the red dress up to her damp skin and frowned.

    “Does the red adequately say ‘runaway with me or at least f**k me once more before you get hitched to my brother?’” 

     Emilie, an unapologetically cheerful twenty-something-year-old, gets by with a little help from her roommates and fellow eccentric supermodels; Margot- the extremely relaxed and promiscuous maternal figure, Flora- the snarky and slightly psychotic blonde (who’d rather spend her nights successfully giving Margot orgasms than going on her ‘hetero dates’), and Sunny- the beautiful weirdo who’s never around (except when she’s sleeping). But today Sunny must step up to the title of wing woman by posing as Emilie’s girlfriend for the wedding of her twin brother Jimmy and secret lover Kristen. With the best of intentions- infuriating Emilie’s mother and giving Kris and Emilie one last time together- and with Sunny as their trusty lookout, what are the chances that things actually go right? 

Volume 2

   “Okay, none of you had better seduce my cousin while I’m gone, okay?” Emilie whispered warningly.

     Well that’s a little insulting, Sara thought. What was she, someone who would spread her legs at the

first sign of attention? She wasn’t even gay.

    “Sunny, you’re my wing-woman. I’m putting you in charge” Emilie said.

    “Thank you for the second chance. I won’t let you down,” Sunny promised.


     Once again roped into Emilie’s tangled web of love and scandal, wing-woman extraordinaire Sunny has been tasked to keep the other roommates, Flora and Margot, away from their new house guest, Emilie’s nineteen-year-old ‘cousin’, Sara. Though Margot and Flora assure Sunny they can restrain themselves, things go awry when Sara concocts some seductive schemes of her own. 

As Sara gets close to Emilie’s roommates, discovering her own charms and redefining her sexuality more and more along the way, Flora and Margot are forced to confront their feelings for one another, Emilie makes the same mistakes, and Sunny tries her best to keep them all in line, including herself!

Volume 3

   Valentine’s Day Debriefing

“How do you romance someone in a way that’s both sexually aggressive and at the same time emotionally tender?” Flora asked from her side of the couch where she was curled up and flicking through an old library book titled ‘The Erotic Bible’. 

     “Are you asking me or Siri?” Sunny wheezed from the other end of the couch where she’d only just woken up to this curious sight and the accompanying ruminations as to why Flora’s first stop for advice was the library rather than the Internet. Did she go to the library specifically for such a book or did she just happen upon it? 

     It was all a bit much for Sunny, who was still trying to figure out why she’d woken up on the couch, feeling like death, with her clothes, makeup and heels still on and the potent scent of carpet cleaner under her nose. 

     Once more the models find themselves caught up in the tangled webs of one another’s love lives as Margot and Flora fret over their first proper date and Emilie and Sara brace themselves for a difficult talk with their former lovers. Of course it would be Valentine’s Day when all this had to go down. Of course Sunny would somehow find herself (yet again) caught in the middle of a drama she oughtn’t have any part in. And of course things won’t go down quite as smoothly as planned. Margot, Flora and Sara turn to one another for ‘stress-relieving’ help. Emilie must search for the inner-strength to confront the conflict her brother is set on deflecting. And Sunny’s own well-hidden conflict over her blossoming romantic feelings for both Emilie’s older sister and Jimmy’s best man leads her (and Emilie, now a firm upholder of a quid pro quo deal,) into the arms of an old flame. 

Volume 4

 ‘So Em, I know you’ve already moved all your stuff over to Cora’s and organized what days you’ll be looking after the baby and gotten a local library card and all, but are you absolutely sure you’re making the right decision?’ Sunny asked as they were being dressed for the runway rehearsal. ‘And when I say, “Are you”, I mean, “you are”. As in YOU ARE making a terrible decision and I have to save you from yourself.’ 

‘Babe!’ Emilie laughed as one of Carmen’s little intern designers fiddled anxiously with the wispy red dress that hung off her shoulders and flaunted her neckline almost all the way down to her bellybutton. 

    ‘You’ve only been dating- and I’m only calling it that out of politeness- for about three weeks!’ Sunny exclaimed. 

    ‘Skinny and Floo are moving in together after only three weeks’ Emilie pointed out cheerfully. 

    ‘Yes, god forbid moving down the hall undoes us’ Flora sneered.

      Mixing work and play is all well and good until someone walks in on you shirking your responsibilities and screwing your courage to your friend, colleague and roommate’s sticking place. When the girls are made to model Carmen’s new line- inspired by “tragic Shakespeare heroines and their dismal plights”- there was bound to be a little extra indulgence in the drama, romance and thrill seeking desire that already dominates their world. 

     Emilie- the lovelorn darling who always falls for the wrong sort- certainly has mischief on her mind. Though convinced she is taking a decisive step towards adulthood and getting her love life in order, she could hardly do so without one last farewell tour of increasingly mad situations, and the gift of a little bit of good advice along the way.

December 14

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