Disguised in Tartan

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Running into the arms of a handsome, powerful laird will either be her greatest folly or a profitable gamble.

Donovan Ewan Campbell-Ainsley, Earl of Hollandbane, and the current sitting Laird of Lyon Castle is not best pleased when scandal lands on his doorstep in the form of a pretty but long-in-the tooth woman trailing nothing but tittle-tattle. Though he's half-Scottish and lives in London, he spends the summers and autumns at his castle in the Highlands for reasons he wishes to keep to himself. Yet she's in immediate danger, and he's nothing if not a gentleman.

The Honorable Emma Radcliffe is no stranger to scandal, but when she can't go through with her nuptial ceremony, she flees the church. Who cares if it's her third broken engagement? When a friend encourages her to hide in Scotland, that's when the trouble really begins. The moment she lays eyes on the laird, she knows he'll be the perfect man with whom to keep her father, family, and her angry fiancé at bay.

It takes next to no time to hatch a haphazard plan: they'll pretend an engagement. It will silence his family's blather for him to find a bride as well as remove her from immediate responsibility. There's one problem: neither of them expected to actually like the other. As the days go on, the fiction grows larger until desire can no longer be denied, but unless they both come to terms with why they're hiding from the truth, a happily ever after between them will be forever out of reach.

April 12
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Customer Reviews

Marie Bourgery ,

Runaway Bride in the Highlands

Emma has run from all her arranged marriages, but she really didn’t know the suitors her father selected figuring she’d be desperate because it sounds like asthma prevented her being able to seek a suitor until she was older for that time period, so I could understand her hesitancy because of that. But she has an irrational fear of feeling emotional pain which means she’ll run from love and inadvertently hurt those she loves in the process. Donovan was pigheaded in his determination to wed his neighbor’s daughter even though she doesn’t want him and wants to live outside of Scotland where he is most happy. English Emma may bring scandal and be a risk, but she perfect for him with her instant passion about the highlands and him. But he fights it because of some foolish bloodline goal he has until her family forces him to make a choice. But will Emma accept that with love and happiness comes pain or run again? I wanted to shake both characters at times reading this steamy romance. I enjoyed reading about the highland history and laughed about what Emma said about men wearing kilts. It made me want to plan a trip there.

Old guy in Fla ,


I loved this hot romance between Highlander Laird Ewan & his sister’s best friend, Emma! Olivia whisks Emma away from London on a surprise visit to Ewan’s castle after Emma ran from her wedding & needed a place to hide from scandal & her uncaring family‼️

He’s gruff & arrogant & is being pressured to marry by his mother & two ditzy aunts! The witty banter between the characters is so much fun, as is Emma’s feisty personality as she trades insult for insult with the Laird! She’s had enough of men ordering her about‼️
All of a sudden he & Emma decide on a fake betrothal to take the pressure off of him & to keep her safely hidden! All of a sudden, they’re kissing & that leads to a hot & steamy romp❣️😍👍.

Grab your copy of Disguised in Tartan by Ms SOOKOO & I believe you’ll see why I gave it 5 stars‼️👏. ENJOY.

Carol R.

miaburke54 ,

Charmingly Delightful

Sandra Sookoo’s “Disguised in Tartan” (Colors of Scandal Book 14)

Donovan Ewan Campbell-Ainsley, Earl of Hollandbane, and the current sitting Laird of Lyon Castle is less than thrilled when he finds Emma Radcliffe on his doorstep. What’s a guy to do when he finds a runaway bride on his doorstep? Well, a fake engagement could work for both of them or could it?

This was a delightful story is packed with humor, amazing imagery, beautiful descriptive language and charming characters. Sandra Sookoo is one of my favorite authors and her stories are always delightful. This one I think it’s my favorite so far. Her humor shines in this fantastic story, I loved the bickering and witty dialogue between the characters. The secondary characters were interesting, fun and the aunts were a hoot. Ewan and Emma were so well suited to one another and reading their story was sheer delight.

Thank you so much Ms. Sookoo for this lovely romance. I eagerly look forward to the next book in the series.

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