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The next installment in a 5 Star Series!

"JoAnna Grace writes a story not only about love but about loss and the depth of the human, and Olympian, heart. Speaking of loss—be prepared. I swear she is the George R.R. Martin of romance."  -Fresh Fiction

"JoAnna Grace has two great ongoing series and she is quite the up and coming author. DIVINE JUDGEMENT is a divine read, packed with love that can't be denied and intense action to the very end." -Fresh Fiction

One seeks the truth…

Ariabella’s ability is her greatest asset and greatest weakness. Being able to distinguish honesty is not all it’s cracked up to be. Though she has a wildly successful career interrogating criminals, the use of her powers backfires when she uses them unethically on Judah, a handsome stranger who sweeps her off her feet. If she can’t use her Olympian magic, she must learn to trust him the old fashioned way. What happens when he learns the lies she has been telling?

One excels at lies…

No one can blend in like Judah. His entire life is about becoming someone else to fool his mark. Now he’s faced with an impossible task: Judah must be himself. For the first time in his life, he must be open and honest with his mark so she doesn’t sense his deception. The mysterious assignment? To be vigilant and keep Ariabella safe. Falling in love with her was never part of the plan. This is his most challenging mission of all. Their lives and their hearts are on the line. 

Together they face a threat…

Ariabella is on the brink of catching the leader of a human trafficking ring when her alias is discovered. Can their love survive when all is revealed and shots are fired? Will the words of the goddess Hera be enough to keep them from falling apart?

When truth becomes lies, and lies become bitter truths, 

What can they truly believe in?

October 23
Arrow Book Works, via Y&R Publishing
Y&R Enterprises LLC

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