Divine Domination

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WARNING: It’s Book Four. You know what you’re in for by now—more heat, more suspense, more head games, and more Jackson f*cking Hawke. 

When Jackson gets his hands on the men who kidnapped Hannah, he’s going to rip their hearts, still beating, from their chests. 

Or worse. 

No amount of pain or desecration seems sufficient punishment for the sin of taking Hannah away from him. 

He won’t stop until he has the woman he loves back in his arms and in his bed. But as the ugly truth behind his and Hannah’s intertwined pasts is revealed, their love will face its greatest challenge yet. 

* * Divine Domination is the 4<sup>th</sup> and final installment in the Bought by the Billionaire romance series. For maximum enjoyment it should be read after books 1, 2, and 3.* *

August 25
Self Taught Ninja
Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

coffeegoddesstmk ,

5+-Stars For This Perfect Ending

"So never doubt that you can trust me, sunshine...I won't hurt you, I won't let you down, and I won't leave, no matter how deep we go or what we find there."

Suspense and action are the name of the game in DIVINE DOMINATION, Book 4 in the Bought By the Billionaire series by Lili Valente. Just when I thought that things were moving along nicely, that Jackson and Hannah were beginning to trust each other, BAM! Lili ended Book 3 with an unexpected twist, and the story picks right back up here.

The tenuous trust that Hannah and Jackson have begun to build is put to the test when all signs point to his betrayal. It doesn't take long, though, for the real villain to show himself: Ian Hawke, Jackson's father, has made a career of retribution, and Hannah is the chess piece in his game. Having been used by Hannah's father to further his own ends, Ian will stop at nothing to exact his revenge. But he hasn't figured on Jackson, and the lengths that he will go to to protect Hannah.

Hannah was one in a million, the strong, sensitive, beautiful, clever, kinky-as-hell lover he hadn't believed existed until she'd swept into his life. She was his hurricane and his touchstone. She was an endless adventure and the home he never thought he'd find. She was...everything...

Along with the darkly passionate moments that Lili is known for, this last book is also a story about love and the freedom and redemption that occur as a result of opening yourself up to someone and trusting them completely. There is also some revelation about Harley, Hannah's twin sister, and her back story, and I would love to see more about her and Clay. Another 5+-star read, DIVINE DOMINATION is the perfect ending to this series, and I could not have enjoyed it more.

Szmoromou ,

Amazing Ending

Divine Domination is the final installment of the Bought by the Billionaire series. It picks up where Hannah is kidnapped by a man who wants his own revenge on Hannah's father. Jackson is beyond furious when he finds that Hannah has been kidnapped, and even more when he learns who it is. He stops at nothing to get to her, even making alliances with others he hardly trusts. While kidnapped, Hannah learns so many truths about her family and Jackson's. Jackson and Hannah also realize the depth of the love that they have for another. Can their love survive what they discover about their families past? Will Jackson get to Hannah and save her before it is too late?
We see a more sensitive side of Jackson and an even stronger side of Hannah. It was the perfect ending to an already amazing story. Great job Lili Valente! (

esheltoo ,

The Very Best

Until now, "The Fifty Shades of Gray" was my favorite of all books/trilogies I have ever read. However, after reading the "Domination” series, my list has now been crowned with a new “king”.
Lili’s writing will keep your reading appetite whetted for more, and more, and more.

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