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The latest for 2019! Bali’s landscapes and culture are unmissable. In the diving and snorkeling section of the guide, Bali veterans Tim Rock and Simon Pridmore reveal a whole host of less well-known but still fabulous underwater sites with updates on favorite dives and some new info and sites. They expand their coverage of this unique island by introducing you to even more land excursions that you can do in between dives and on dry days. So you will not be surprised to learn that the land excursions they recommend are not those that most tourists visit or even hear about. From ancient monuments that predate Borobudur and Angkor Wat to Formula 1 buffalo racing, a village where Bali’s original residents still live and a look at wild and rugged Nusa Penida. This book is your backstage pass to parts of the island seen by very few outsiders. Bali has to be truly one of the finest places in the world to dive. The sheer diversity of seascapes is breathtaking. Deep lushly covered walls; black sand slopes crawling with rare, bizarre and wonderful creatures; impossibly gorgeous, multi-colored coral reefs; exotic white sand beaches and coves; heart-pumping drift dives past other-worldly undersea cliffs and legendary big fish dives. Bali has everything: the full panoply of Indonesian diving on one small island! Bali is also incredibly convenient, served with international flights, hotels and restaurants to suit every budget and a huge choice of well-equipped dive operations. This new guide is beautifully illustrated, as you would expect, and tells you all you need to know for a dive or snorkeling trip to Bali. Want to know where the coolest critters live? Where and when to go to have the best chance of seeing big fish? How to avoid the crowds? Look no further – it’s all here! The 2019 guide includes detailed descriptions of 61 dive sites.

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January 3
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