Do-do Rescue from Overwhelmed to Thriving Do-do Rescue from Overwhelmed to Thriving

Do-do Rescue from Overwhelmed to Thriving

The Do-be-do-be-do-be Remedy to Feel Balanced in a Crazy-busy-world

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Publisher Description

Does your life feel like an endless marathon? Do you run from obligation to obligation, doing this and doing that, taking care of commitments, responsibilities, and chores on your endless to-do list? Are you exhausted from overdoing? Are you struggling to get through your day? Running out of time and energy? Can’t find time for you?

If you are constantly overloaded with doing and doing, you have fallen into “Do-Do Mode.” Do you believe that living a balanced life needs to wait until you’re less busy?  ... You don’t! 

Author and Wellness Coach Louise Lavergne invites you to invest time in your most precious resource: YOU. Do-Do Rescue: From Overwhelmed to Thriving; The Do-Be-Do-Be-Do-Be Remedy for you to feel Balanced in a Crazy-Busy World is filled with reliable, actionable solutions to help you restore your well-being while keeping up with modern-day demands. You don’t have to choose between success and happiness. There is a viable and sustainable way for you to feel good and have it all: a busy, prosperous, healthy life that gives you more JOY. 

It’s time to stop the insanity of endless doing and embrace change. Get out of Do-Do and dare to Do-Be-Do-Be-Do-Be your way to living your life by design, not by default. The pages of Do-Do Rescue are brimming with unique ideas, supportive strategies, and brilliant, easy exercises called BE Breaks that will give you a holistic approach to de-stress your body, restore your energy, and create more balance so you can show up for your life. 

Yes, you can get things done and reach your goals, without the perils of stress and overwhelm. Want to live a fulfilling, abundant, and joyful life. This book is for you!

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December 2
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