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She never wanted children. Will love change her mind?

Karin has always known that she doesn't want to become a mother. The man she loves had a vasectomy, so her fear of an unwanted pregnancy is gone forever. Finally, living the life of her dreams, she's completely unaware that her emotional world is going to turn upside down.

One day Karin finds herself confronted with a strong feeling of strange uncertainty, and after a while, she surprisingly discovers that in fact, she's on the fence about motherhood.

Now, Karin realizes that she must make a decision that has the power of changing everything: Will she regret not having children with her perfect partner? Or will she have to leave him to have children with another man?

In this book, you will discover:
•Why making a personal decision doesn't mean that you will never again deal with the choice of having children or not,
•The challenges of focusing on the woman you are when dealing with societal expectations, myths, and prejudices,
•How uncertainty makes you highly inclined to pay attention to what other people think about your lifestyle, rather than making your own confident decision,
•To find your true calling, you have to acknowledge that femininity and motherhood are two separate concepts that do not necessarily go together, and
•What matters the most is being on the same page as a couple.

Do I Have To Be A Mother? is a memoir about feelings of love, unspoken thoughts on motherhood, and considerations on what it means to be a woman. If you like reading about women who have found their own way in this world, you will love the author's crucial search for her female identity in this book.

Ready to discover the life-changing magic of making the choice that is right for you?

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August 1
Karin Rahbek
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