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What happens when a guy born in Texas joins the Marine Corps, moves to New York, then Los Angeles where he buys a monkey? This collection of humorous stories takes you on an entertaining journey.Do chronicles my misadventures and turns them into life’s sweetest moments. 

When you need a place to escape the stress of your day, grab my book and let these stories make you laugh out loud. 

“Greg’s wacky stories are my main inspiration.” Donald Trump’s hairdresser 

“If I’d known the cruise was going to run long, I’d of packed Greg’s book.” Gilligan 

“Wow, a life that actually means something. “ Every Kardashian 

In my life, truth is funnier than fiction. I got out of Lubbock, Texas as soon as I realized that I could walk. Joining the Marines seemed like the best place for an awkward, skinny teenager – what could go wrong? A lot. Next I conquered New York City without riding a subway, played a Doctor on a soap opera, and then hit Hollywood in time for there no jobs due to a writer’s strike. So I bought a monkey. 

Wonder why you don’t make chili before an earthquake? How about what to do when lockjaw sets in? I’ll tell you about snacks on a plane, what not to do in Italy, and the best ride to avoid at Disney World. The world is our oyster -- and while I didn’t eat the first oyster, I bravely bare my soul. Note to self: remember to grab pants.  


About Greg Cope White

Greg is an author, television writer, blogger, world traveler, and inveterate bon vivant. He’s a former sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps. A bi-coastal, polo-playing, sixth-generation Texan with a voracious appetite for life, Greg contributes to  The Huffington Post and  The Good Men Project . He served six years in the Marines. His memoir,  The Pink Marine , is optioned for television. He cooks on television, and you can watch him on Cooking Channel's food and travel show Unique Sweets. 

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