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A book for people who want to reduce their anxiety. You're not hopeless: you just need a better system.

If you feel like there is too much stress and worry in your life, if you have been struggling with these issues for years and if you have not found long-term results that stick from therapy or drugs, this book is for you.

In Do More, Worry Less we look at lifestyle. It gives you clear and actionable steps you can use to improve your mood and reduce your anxiety.

It is no quick fix. It's a slow process. But, by breaking it down into small, manageable steps, it produces results that work. Results that are achievable even if everything else you have tried has failed. All in a way that is both natural and evidence-based.

No other book gives you the full picture

In Do More, Worry Less we look at everything: exercise, diet, sleep, relaxation, personal growth, relationships and community.

We will also explore the reasons why anxiety disrupts our goals and makes us feel like we have gone back to square one. Then, we will look at how we can implement strategies and system to ensure we stick to the changes we want to make. It provides you with a blueprint for what to change, and how to change.

Everything is backed up by scientific evidence. The book contains 291 footnotes and citations bringing together research from the world's leading universities, healthcare providers and medical journals.

Who is this book for?

You should buy this book if:

You have too much anxiety and want to worry less and enjoy life more
You're willing to put in the work over the long-term to do it
You like the idea of making changes to your lifestyle (as well as, or instead of, using therapy and drugs)

About the author

Chris Worfolk is the author of Technical Anxiety: The Complete Guide To What Anxiety Is And What To Do About It and founder of the mental health charity Anxiety Leeds.

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