Doc Petkovski Doc Petkovski

Doc Petkovski

Inventor of the Natural Spine Cure

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My name is Slave Petkovski and I always go by “Doc.” This book is the true story of my life, including how God gave me the gift to cure people’s spinal injuries, back pain, whiplash, and one short leg, in the simplest and most natural way, with no surgery or any kind of medication. With God’s guidance and precise instructions, it took me 35 years to master this spine technology and the development of all custom-made tools, as I traveled constantly from one country to another. This book is the amazing story of a little boy being bullied because of his name and the color of his skin. He learned how to fight with martial arts, and at age 15 became the first non-Chinese Underground Fighting Champion. Then, he got hired as the youngest fitness trainer for the Danish Police Force and the government’s bodyguards. After he suffered a broken back in three places, God took him on a journey in which he invented the one and only custom-made heavy-duty massage machine, air hammer, laser, and electro nerve stimulator to cure people with major spinal problems, which eliminated the need for more than 30,000 spine surgeries in many different countries. I must emphasize that this book is not an advertisement for my treatment. Rather, this book is written to help people understand and recognize their spinal and back problems. Many health care professionals go to school to learn how to help and treat people’s spinal problems. But for me, it has been totally different. God gave me the knowledge, the wisdom, the understanding, the schooling, and the skills to become the perfectionist in spinal treatment that I am today. I truly look forward to demonstrating and sharing this new spine technology to the rest of the world. May God Bless you all!! Best Regards, Doc Petkovski, GND

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November 16
Bookstand Publishing
Ingram DV LLC

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