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Plundering innocent worlds; that is Doc Roberts job, and he is good at it. He was awarded a letter of Marque and a territory to hunt in exchange for his service to the Alliance and of course, a cut of his take.
The Alliance government can't openly operate in Commonwealth territory without starting another war, so they use privateers like Captain Roberts to destabilize governments and cause unease among the people in hopes that they will ask for Alliance protection.
Cheating and treachery cause Captain Roberts to reevaluate his loyalty. He can live with a little pilfering, but not outright stealing from him by trespassing on his planet. There is only one thing he can do. Teach the Alliance government that there is a price to pay for taking what is not theirs.
The Alliance goes too far when they send an assassin to kill Doc's wife. Now it is outright war, for Captain Roberts anyway. Now he is both a pirate and a rebel with people on both sides of the border whom either loves him or hates him.
After fighting a duel with one of the Alliance's promising new captains, torturing him, and leaving him for dead; he has made powerful enemies in the Alliance hegemony. The Alliance military leaders want to make Captain Roberts suffer like he made their captain suffer.
One man can only do so much, and Doc is getting tired. It is time to pass the reins of command to his son. But first, he must crush his son's dreams and teach him what it means to be an Alliance citizen.
WARNING! This is a stand-alone novel that contains grievous violence some of it extreme and graphically written, nudity, and mild cursing. After all, it is about a pirates life, and that is how they live. There are adult situations, but nothing graphic and no erotica. If any of this offends you, do not buy this book. But if you choose to open its cover and peer inside, I'm sure that you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it,

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 2
Jay Toney
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

MrBillBKC ,

Overly violent & confusing

For a prequel this book doesn't give enough of the back story in my opinion; especially when it comes to the AI Natasha. I was confused about her being an AI with an avatar that had a physical presence. Later when it seems she is a synth and able to have physical relations I got really confused. The wanton killing of captured crews of spaceships, I thought was a bit much and wasteful. Why weren't those crews sent to Antares to be used as conscript labour, was never fully explained? If you like lots of fighting, gore, and wanton violence this book is for you. I could never completely get into the main character Doc, he just never seemed real to me, when he 'expressed emotions' he just didn't come across as emotional. His 'emotions' seemed to be just platitudes to me. I am undecided as to whether or not I will acquire the next book in the series, I am leaning towards not.

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