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Two very different people.

One scandalous proposition.

Endless possibilities...


I can't believe how different things are now; how complicated my life has become in such a short amount of time. 

It was never supposed to be like this. 

He's off limits. 

He's always been off limits. 

I keep telling myself that; that being here with him is not supposed to feel this good.

God, he's not supposed to feel this good. 

I wonder what my life would have been like now if I had gone to the clinic on a different day, or if I'd just insisted on going with the physician I was initially referred to. 

Never in my life would I have thought that in the events that followed the beginning of a regular school week, a random checkup would end up spawning a highly angst-filled, incredibly confusing, and quickly-unfolding mess.


Feast your eyeballs and fall absolutely head over heels in love with Eme Strife's edgy, sizzling, intriguing, incredibly sexy, and captivating unconventional romance story. Each installment will keep you strapped to the very edge of your seat and constantly guessing on one hell of an emotional roller-coaster. You'll never think of the phrase,‘“Doctor-Patient Confidentiality”, in the same way ever again once you read this!

This story unfolds over several volumes. IT IS NOT A STANDALONE. This is the first book.

Rated 18+

This series contains mature and adult content (nudity, graphic sex, and strong language). Because of its explicit nature, it is intended for mature audiences only. Reader discretion is advised.

December 13
(Eme)nded Publishing
Eme Strife

Customer Reviews

NickyEnoch ,

length and cliffhanger

the writing itself was skillful but it felt as though the chapters were fillers, almost as is the author was stalling to get to the cliffhanger. i also dont think the cliffhanger was used appropriately because there wasnt much build up, or rising action. the description gave a better description of the plot than the actal story. if the other volumes are like this, i dont see myself reading them.

Katie Jo 65 ,

Skip this series!

DO NOT start reading this series! Every book is really short with a cliffhanger at every end. I got sucked into reading 12 of them thinking I would get some answers but never did!

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