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A Professor finds himself immersed in a strange world when he attends a conference in Cancun, Mexico.

The dolphins splashing in the Hotel Dolphin Aquarium below his room keep him awake. Then, they enter his dreams and ask him to free them. Will he do it?

He meets others in the hotel who are troubled by the same dream. If he joins them he'll be labelled an Eco-Terrorist. If he refuses, he risks losing a woman he's become strangely attracted to.

This story oscilates between reality and mythology, as even the Mayan Moon goddess is called upon to help the professor and his unlikely band.

For those who love a story of second chances you'll enjoy this tale of this professor, Nicolas, as he deals with one misfourtune after another to follow his heart instead of his head and to do what's right.

When Lyle Nicholson was asked why he wrote this story, he replied, "My wife and I were staying in this hotel in Cancun over the dolphin pool, and this very thing happened. Every night I"d here this splashing."

"I went outside, and by the light of the full moon, the dolphins were splashing by their far pool wall. They were raising up out of the water to look at the sea. To look at thier true home."

" I then met a man from Finland, who was there at the hotel for a conference telecommunications. Somehow, the whole story came together in the airport lounge on the way home. Dolphin Dreams was born."

Fiction & Literature
June 15
Red Cuillin Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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