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<p>Dominant Desires is the second short story collection from erotica author Tena Seldan. Featuring eleven tantilizing stories of BDSM, voyeurism, fantasy, interracial &amp; women's erotica, the reader is treated to six M/F stories and five stories with more than one partner. Tena Seldan offers something for everyone! Peep along with a painter, who gets treated to a one-woman sex show the entire day; enjoy some late night carnal mischief as a sleepwalker makes the rounds to her neighbor&rsquo;s houses.

Cum Up The Ladder
This is a story about a painter who gets a bird's eye view on his ladder. He has a big job and his usual work partner is on vacation. As he has anticipated, his day is long and hard, but in the most pleasant way possible.

Veggies In, Dressing Out
She has always been a kinky woman. She readily admits this as well as the fact that she has an incredibly high sex drive. She finds a unique approach to self-love, so much so that she can&rsquo;t help but share her discoveries and creations with her friends.

Cum To Life
This is a story about a writer of erotic stories who starts to "live" her stories in the flesh. She isn&rsquo;t quite sure what&rsquo;s happening, but it seems that each night that she sets out to write, her stories begin to cum to life and her characters seemingly engage her in their sexual escapades.

In Her Sleep
She doesn&rsquo;t know what goes on at night, she just knows that she gets smirks from her next door neighbor.&nbsp; She&rsquo;s not quite sure, but when she falls asleep she enters a fugue like state and she suspects that she does some door to door circulating in her neighborhood.

Peeping Tina
Tina is insatiable. She loves to watch, and it turns her on so much, but she just can&rsquo;t find satisfaction.&nbsp; She is on a lusty journey through the city, looking for someone or something that can satisfy her every longing.

Dominatrix Diva
This tale is about a day in the life of a slut. Simple as that. But this slut is somewhat special. She is a dominatrix and a diva. This tale is all about domination and how it plays out, the pleasures it can bring, and just what makes a submissive tick.

The Gardener Sees All
Even though you may think the man who clips your grass and prunes your bushes is innocent and laid-back, don&rsquo;t ever be so sure. You never know what kind of hot little secrets he harbors. The gardener in this story has a sex-filled day with his clients&rsquo; gorgeous college daughter.

The Horny Classmate
Bridgette is a self-declared nymphomaniac who is really enjoying her freshmen year of college. And college, she&rsquo;s discovered, is great for letting her insatiable sexual appetites run free. When Bridgette gets stressed out, she gets horny. And when Bridgette sees Mr. Williams, she gets horny.

The Experiment
Lisa is a college student, and like most college students, she&rsquo;s broke. She has a job, but she&rsquo;s always on the lookout for a little extra cash. When she needs an ad to get paid to test new libido-enhancing drugs through the university&rsquo;s Psychology Department, she jumps at the chance.

The Back Booth
I have always been turned on by the idea of doing sexual things in a public place. Lucky for me, I married a man who feels the same way. Just the anticipation of date night is enough to get me all riled up. What really gets me excited though is the thought that at any moment we might get caught.

Party Favors
She is the pet every master wants to have. She is horny, wet, and constantly ready. She soon finds herself surrounded by four delicious and ready men. But, as horny as she is, even all four of them are not enough.</p>

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April 21

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